Jul 30, 2016

Kitchen Bitz Lemon & Lime Squeezer

You probably know that here at Hibiscus House from time to time we do product reviews.  Today I'm reviewing the Kitchen Bitz Lemon & Lime Squeezer.  Hint * I used this the other day to make lemonade for over 20 very thirsty hot people.  Join me won't you.

My Product Review
I first want to give you a little warning.  The squeezer is a little heavier than you may think.  I opened my box for the first time on my glass topped kitchen table.  I accidentally let one half hit the table top.  It was alright and didn't break anything but it surprised me as to the weight of the opened product.
How can I put this?  The product itself isn't too heavy, I just dropped a portion of it and wanted to let you know so you can be careful.  I found out with use that it needs a tiny bit of weight to work well.
I did the lemon squeezing the hard way by not trimming the ends and simply cut the lemon in half. The squeezer worked wonderfully!  The lemons were especially hard so I was quite impressed with how well it performed!
That lemon was absolutely drained of all juice.
The next lemon I cut the ends off, cut in half and it was somewhat easier.  One half I placed the large end of lemon up it worked fine but the juice splattered out the sides a little.  The other half I placed the large side down and squeezed.  This time it did not splash and was still pretty easy to squeeze the lemon dry.
One tiny seed went into the juice bowl but that wasn't a horrible thing.  I would not have mentioned it but to be absolutely truthful it had to be mentioned. 


Gets every bit of the juice from the fruit
Works quickly I could see how this would make for juicing a lot in a quick time.
Washes easily
Fairly Inexpensive
Very Impressive
Heavy Duty
Easy to use
Good grip handles
100% money back guarantee
Much easier and quicker than traditional juicers.  Less exertion on the wrists and hands than the traditional.
The best part is that it lets you keep your hands dry and clean!

CONS  (if you can even call these cons)

You may have to use two hands especially with tough skinned lemons or limes. 

You may get a seed in the juice but it has to be extremely small because the holes in the juicer are extremely small.

Would I recommend to a friend?  Yes I would!  Score = Very Good Product
You can purchase the Kitchen Bitz Lemon & Lime Squeezer Amazon Here

Disclosure: I was asked to do a review of this product by Karen of Kitchen Bitz. This product was given to me for the purpose of giving my honest opinion.  My opinions are just that and are my own.

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