Jul 30, 2016

High Five Naturals Silicone Egg Poachers

Today I review another product from HighFiveNaturals.  My husband Chuck loves poached eggs so I was delighted when they contacted me about doing the review.  Join me for the results.

I love the bright cheery colors

Look at the orange one!  
Ladies & Gents we have a double yolker!

Quick video of them cooking in trial.

  • Wash your poachers
  • Boil water at least 4 inches deep in a pot.
  • Grease them with Pam Spray or olive or vegetable oil
  • Crack one egg into each poacher
  • Place into pot cover with lid but watch carefully. 
  • Cook 4-6 minutes. 

The final egg cooked for 5 minutes.  Chuck enjoyed it but his preference would have been one cooked for the full 6 minutes.  

That is what is so good about these things, just experiment to get the egg each person desires.  Simply remove the poacher at correct time for each person. 

My Boo Boos
I show these to help you in your use of the product

This is what happens when you boil your water too high!  I learned the hard way turn down the burner because you don't want a rolling boil.  You will then pop the egg out of the poacher.  See in the bottom of the pot.

I think maybe this happened when I removed the lid to take the picture.  The egg in the red poacher got filled with water and sank.  I gave it a little help and poured some of the water off.  It finished cooking and was fine.

  • You must have at least 4 inches of water in your pot
  • Use Pam or some cooking spray.  It works better than oiling, but if you decide to oil do so liberally.  In other words don't be chinchy with the oil.
  • Soft boil do not have a rolling boil.  I cooked mine on medium you will have to choose your setting to meet the needs.
  • Use a clear lid to watch the cooking
  • Do not lift the lid a lot it may cause some to fill with water in doing so.
  • You will have to experiment with the cooking times to get the poached egg you like.

My Score = Very Good!

Don't you just love the bright colors on these?  I sure do.  I like the fact that they themselves don't get hot.  You of course have to be careful not to put your fingers into the boiling water but they are not hot.  They are easy to wash, easy to store, handy.  I like them!
You can find them at Amazon HighFive Naturals HERE

Disclosure: I was given the product in this review.  The opinions are my own.  I from time to time do reviews.  Some are paid for by myself and others are given for review. 

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