Aug 15, 2016


I have been using Fratelli Carli Olive Oils exclusively for some time now.  I can tell you it is the best there is!  We've done a post that explains a lot about this Italian family business that has been producing wonderful products for over 100 years.  Read about it here
Today I feature their Pasta Penne Rigate and one of their excellent Gourmet Pasta Sauces. What can I say about this product?  Let me see.

Carli Quote:
 Carli Pasta, authentically Italian.
This pasta, made in the traditional way, has a flavor you have never tasted before!  Producted in Gragnana using only durum wheat of the highest quality and the purest of all water, then slowly dried at a low temperature, this pasta has the flavor of only the finest things.

I think that they state that better than I personally can and I totally agree!  The pasta is like nothing I've ever tasted before.  It has a bite texture that is not seen in the pastas we have here.  I made meatballs to add to the meal because as you probably know we are big meal eaters around here.  We love them but could have done without them because this pasta is so tasty and filling that even a southern big meal planner would be satisfied!

My Penne Rigate Review Rating:  EXCELLENT!  I highly recommend! THUMBS UP!
The sauce Carli Sugo All'Arrabbiata is delicious!  We like it very much.  It has a little spicy kick to it!  It is thick and full of flavor.
Carli Quote:The colors of the ingredients amalgamate completely with the red of the tomato; the perfumes and aromas meld in an exquisite harmony of decisive and pleasantly spicy flavors.  Where ingredients meet...Moderately hot red chili pepper, carefully selected, desalted tasty capers, velvety and creamy anchovy paste, genuine pureed tomatoes, excellent with our Olive Oil.
I can tell you that statement describing this sauce is the truth and everything is excellent with their olive oils!


I leave you with one last picture and tell you that if you want a sauce that comes in a small jar but is packed full of flavor this is one for you!  If you want a pasta that has a substantial bite with lots of flavor This is the one for you!   Don't forget, be sure to visit the to read all about this Italian Family Company here

If interested in ordering you can do so in these ways listed below and do me a favor tell them Dolly sent you:
Phone:  1-866-259-3165
US Online Ordering


Fratelli Carli  The Italian Website...hit the translate button.

Fratelli Carli U.S.A.  The U.S.A. Website

Disclosure:  This product was given to me for the purpose of testing and giving an honest opinion.  My opinions are just that and are my own.


  1. Momma Mia Momma Mia... Ok I will stop dancing around and sing. I love Italian food!I will check them out!

    1. I could hear you and see you dancing! They do have great products.

  2. I like pasta with red sauce but not a whole lot of sauce, this might be perfect!

    1. Sometimes I feel that way too especially if the pasta is especially good. This is extremely flavorful and packs a punch for it's small size.