Sep 24, 2016

Easy Way to Juice Fruits For Later Use

The grapes came in a month or so ago. I had to harvest and do something with them.  It was a particularly busy time but I sure didn't want them to completely go to waste.  These grape varieties are Scuppernong/ Muscadine.  That is what we can grow pretty well here. They have thick skins and a center filled with seeds.  A friend had also at that same time given us figs that were pretty ripe and they had to be dealt with quickly as well.

I didn't have the time to make jam then so I had to do the next best thing and that was juice them now and freeze them for making the juices, jams, recipes later.

Pulse whole grapes in food processor
I don't own a juicer but if you do and wish to use that would work I'm sure.
I like to cook the skins and seeds for extra flavor in the juice.

Place in stock pot with 1 cup of fresh water
Heat through and cook on medium low to get all of the juice you can from the pulp


Strain through fine mesh strainer

Using cheesecloth or clean cotton napkin or dishtowel to strain more juice

Wear clean rubber gloves and squeeze as much juice from pulp as possible

Place in freezer safe containers


A friend gave us some ripe figs.
They are beautiful!

I just pulsed those and placed in freezer container to freeze and use for later maybe in jam!

  • Pick when ripened
  • Pull all stems
  • Pick through to remove bad grapes
  • Wash thoroughly and drain
  • Pulse in food processor whole with seeds and all.  It won't matter because you will be straining all from juice.
  • Place in stock pot with 1 cup of water.  Heat through for 20 - 30 minutes.  Set aside to cool.
  • Using a fine mesh strainer strain.  Use a wooden spoon to mash juice through the pulp.  Remove as much juice in this way as you can.
  • Using a cotton napkin or dish towel place pulp inside
  • Wearing clean rubber gloves to squeeze as much juice as possible from pulp.
  • Place in a freezer safe container
  • Measure and freeze in the amount needed for your jam recipe.  That will make for convenient making of jam later. You'll be glad you did this.
  • Label container with contents and date
  • Freeze until ready to use for juices, jams, recipes of your choice at a later date. The juice will be good in the freezer for 1 year.

Tip* If your juice amount doesn't quite add up to the jam recipe measurement it is alright to add a small amount of water now to the juice to make that measurement.  Only a small amount! The juice will be quite strong so it won't change the taste of your jams.  I would not add over a quarter of measurement.

Don't think this stain will come out easily!
I didn't even bother to remove stain
Wash thoroughly and store for juicing later.


  1. Great post! I had no idea you could get juice from a fig! I can't wait to try this process with my grapes!

    1. Well these were just so blame juicy that I didn't strain them froze the whole thing for jam later. Thanks Ginger Dawn!