Dec 3, 2016

One Thing Leads To Another!

We've had a few contractors out recently examining the damage from Hurricane Matthew.  Let me tell you that is a feat in itself because of the extensive damage here in South Carolina.  They are so busy it's hard to get to them. Isn't it funny when talking about painting this and that you can already see what else you would like to do as well?  If you have to paint this room then other rooms would look nice painted.  Don't you think?  Yes, one thing leads to another.

Oh, not that the other things are necessary but would be so much better if you did them (to you anyway)!  I could see where I would love to add new flooring and other details. We'll have to see where that leads.

The above design board is a combination of some of my pieces and some pieces from Arhaus. 
1.  Wessex Upholstered 122" Two Piece Sectional in Bristol Fawn
2.  Piero 46" Rectangle Console Table
3.  Allegro 75" Console Table in Rubber Noir

Emory 134" Two-Piece Slipcovered Sectional in Deso Snow

I am trying to add some warmth with color in the living room like the gray sofa in board but if you know me you know I probably won't venture too warm in furnishings but will add it in accents.  Years ago in another home I painted my great room a light gray. It was a wonderful neutral and very peaceful as well.  Everyone that came into that room took a nap.

Landsbury 99" Upholstered Two Piece Sectional In Theater Gunsmoke
This is a smaller sectional which caught my eye with the color Theater Gunsmoke! 

A sectional sofa which I haven't given much thought too but one of my daughters has a sectional and they love it!  I liked the looks of the Piero Console Table and think it would blend in well with the color on the sectional and my own furnishings, lamps, rugs and draperies.  The Allegro black console table adds great detail and would go well should I choose a darker sofa like this one shown.  I would have to add more details and remove some of the others that wouldn't work with the black color. Things to think about anyway.

I love the color on the club sofa above and the fact that it is handcrafted in America!  Club Petite 81" Leather Tufted Sofa in Bull Suela.  I really like this sofa.  If I venture away from the whites this may be the next color and style.

I've gotten a few ideas today browsing over at Arhaus and they have a sale going on right now 30% here


It's that time for sure to add some Christmas touches to the home.  I'm sure we will have sanding dust, paint fumes, people walking on the roof soon but those things will be welcome here.

Meanwhile, I'll add little touches to the rooms that are not affected and enjoy the season!  Today sharing these really pretty Christmas Throw Pillows from Joss & Main.  

Joss & Main Throw Pillows

Tell me are your homes decorated?
Share you links with us if you will.
I'd love to see them.


  1. It sure does lead to another! I have been looking for a coffee table. This was after we bought the sofa and chair... Oh and it started with a kitchen remodel. However, we are blessed gals and much good comes from even a hurricane.

    1. Hey Ginger Dawn!
      I hope you find just the right coffee table! Sometimes it takes years..or does for Yes you are right dear friend we are so blessed! You've just made me feel better! Thank you!

  2. Ha, ha. Our house is decorated in hand me downs (some really nice antiques) but some hideous but comfortable. Someday I might be coordinated and get a real living room set!

    1. Hey Kathy!
      I'm thinking that you and I share a lot of the same. My home is filled with some old pieces and some mostly past their prime but way too old and sentimental to do away with; so we just keep them! I've only owned one living room set and it lived through 3 familys before it finally just passed away from old I pick up things I like and it is as you probably know an eclectic mix for sure! I wish we all lived closer so we could visit it would be fun!

  3. Small projects over here always snowball into something larger. That's why I don't like starting anything. LOL!

    My house is decorated with estate sale finds and re-purposed items, with a little beach theme thrown in. I rotate things in and out as I sell them in my Etsy shop. Basically, my house looks like a resale shop. :-)

    1. I LOVE IT!!! Your things are so cute and useful until you can enjoy and then pass them on to new owners! Yeah I sure wouldn't start this one except we have to or buy a boat to put in the extra bedroom! Maybe stock it with fish...☺