Feb 25, 2017

On the Road in South Carolina: Lenoir Country Store & Post Office

Lenoir Country Store  Post Office
Horatio, South Carolina

Last November Chuck and I took a ride to Horatio, South Carolina.  I had read about this store being one of the oldest in South Carolina and if some records are true the oldest in the nation.

Historical Marker

The Historical Marker reads:
South Carolina
Lenoir Store
Since before 1808, the Lenoir family have operated a general store at the site of Horatio, S. C.
Lenoir's store is mentioned in the 1808 will of Isaac Lenoir, and later appears on Mill's 1825 map of Sumter County.
The present structure was erected prior to 1878 and is maintained by Lenoir Descendents as a traditional county store.

Some records claim that it has been there since 1765.  If that is so it is one of the oldest continuously running businesses in the nation.  Original owner Isaac Lenoir was an Adjutant of Sumter's Brigade during the Revolutionary War as well as 1775 signer of the South Carolina Declaration of Rights.  His will read upon his death in 1808 requested his land be divided equally among his four sons.  Lenoir Specified this property to include his "Store House".

The post office opened within the store in 1900

Chuck standing under the front and a shot of the little building across the road.

The post office opened within the store in 1900

Beverly Lenoir Johnson

We met and talked with Beverly about her family and history.  She was a dear, sweet, loving lady and we thoroughly enjoying talking with her.  She was telling us of the economy and that the store wasn't doing so well.  The post office was in danger of being closed down as well.  I think presently it is still running but I'm not sure.  I hope it is.  The history of this place would be enough to keep it up and running!

Stop in visit with Ms. Beverly buy yourself a soda walk around and look at the memorabilia I assure you it is worth looking at and if we'd had more time I could have stayed and read all day myself.

Beverly had lovingly made some pretty book marks and embellished some cards into framed pictures, I of course had to have one of each.  

Products are dispersed among the historical items 

A look at the post office and some of the fresh mountain apples in the store when we visited

A picture someone had painted I can't remember who she said painted it

I leave you today with some thoughts.  This is the place to visit if you want to go back in time.  A quiet, slower,  peaceful and more simple time.  You would think right?  I've found some very interesting things out about this family that has stood the test of time and still fighting to keep going.  The store is having a difficult time as well as the USPS.  This is not only a dying business for this family but a way of life so I hope they can build it up and continue on.

I have to say that there is much much more to the history of the Lenoir family and store that you absolutely must read about.  If you do nothing else on this page today I urge you to read in depth the story on the South Carolina Picture Project

Murder of a South Carolina Senator's Daughter, distress for the family, trying to protect one they thought was innocent, victim was reportedly in the store, two serial killer confessors: William "Junior" Pierce and South Carolina's notorious serial killer Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins! Read the complete story here

I love antiques, older memorabilia.  I really do and love history, who knew?  I do think we need to look back to understand why and how we are what we are today.  You now I love simple although it is getting harder and harder to find that simple, peaceful life.  I hope we can find it and hold onto it.
Have a great weekend!

............................and I only thought we were visiting maybe the oldest running business possibly in our nation......................


  1. Wow, I could have listened to Becerly's stories all day! I bet she has many! Nice to see these types of stores with goods on a wooden shelf!

    1. I love that you are such a reader! There is so much out there to learn and so many fun things as well! I love the older look of things they have character. We see so much wire and plastic now good to see wood and other materials.

  2. Very interesting Dolly. I'd love to visit here.

    1. I hope you do visit us in South Carolina! This is just a stop in the road town with a rich history in the story.

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing all the photos! Part of my family came from that area of SC to Alabama in the early 1800's. Nice to see the countryside!

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thank you so much! What wonderful locations to have family from! I'm glad you enjoyed it!