Mar 3, 2017

Painting the Master Bedroom and Closet

Earl, Darrell and Wendell 

Earl played baseball for a few well known teams and has been a painter for years like his family.  Darrell tells me he has been a maintenance man with Shaw Air Force Base, worked for The Department of Transportation with schools and also has done vinyl siding and carpentry work. Wendell played football, was a cook/chef in restaurants as a Grill master for 15 years! I told him we should have had him cooking us some steaks up on those grills in the back yard. Heaven knows Darrell lucked up because had I known all of this time he was a carpenter, let's just say he would have been much more busy!
They are talking on the front porch that they painted so beautifully. Today I'm sharing the painting of our master bedroom and my closet.

You can tell it was over the Christmas season that we were working ourselves to death to clear for painting and repair of the home.  
The furniture was cleared of items and nothing was left on the walls. 
The girls told me the room looked like an Amish home so simple and clear of "stuff".
Nothing wrong with that and in fact I'm at this moment pondering what won't go back in to clutter.

Truthfully we would not be painting these rooms now it the hurricane had not caused some damage;
 but now that we have I'm really glad for the freshen up!

This is my closet, quite small but it is unimaginable the amount I can put into a small space!
Chuck helped me to unload this and I'm grateful!
He was pretty good about it although I think I recall him "thinking" ;
How in the world does one woman need so much?!
Thankfully his closet was not harmed nor the Master Bath.

This video shows the damage from a leak and the beginnings of damage
from Hurricane Matthew in Master Bedroom and my closet.
The water damaged the ceiling and walls in this area.
Excuse the mess we were scrambling to remove everything from the Guest Bedroom.
Some of the items were put into this bedroom and another to protect them.
(Talk about a mess).

After Painting
I know you are going to say what?  Did she even paint? I did of course. I chose this paper white color with blue/grey/beige undertones, and I love it!
It is strange because even though the painted rooms join rooms that we didn't paint they blend almost flawlessly. Yet they are totally different colors. The older paint is an antique white with tan/yellow undertones, a warmer color and yet they still blend I guess it is the beige in the Origami.
The reasoning behind my as usual neutral tones is simple, I was pushed for time and what better way to go than white? When everything in your house is in other rooms and you can't even find the clock it is just easier to go the safe route.  I say safe, but do you know how many whites there are?  
I don't regret my white choice at all besides it makes for easier color changes in wall art, draperies, bed linens I could go on and on!

Origami White Sherwin- Williams SW 7636

I love how the room glows with this new color!
It is a clean crisp white.

I included the video below just for information should you be contemplating a new color.

This is after painting but before the touch ups afterwards.
I failed to get good shots of that but this will give you an idea.
It looks so much better!

I leave you today with a beautiful shot of the moon out in daylight over Hibiscus House.

On this day I had my little "H" and he said to me, "Mimi can you and me fly in a rocket ship"?
He is such a darling dreamer, and really thinks not only can we fly but that we ourselves can build the rocketship!


  1. Little ones are so refreshing, and so is your new painted bedroom. Wish I had your fellas at my place.

    1. I know so precious and he thinks we can do these things, if only we could! Thank you They are pretty good fellas

  2. You got yourself a top notch crew there. Everything looks wonderful.

    1. Hey Kim,
      They have been a pretty good crew. They had so much to do and it took awhile I was glad we were finished but sad to see them go. Thank you!

  3. It looks amazing! How exciting and I bet you will sleep better too!

    1. Thank you Ginger Dawn! I really do! I have a new comforter that is so comfortable so that helps as well. I think I'll share it before I take it off the the Spring one. Have a great Sunday and rest of the week my friend!