Mar 6, 2017

Farmacy Beauty Products Review

You may remember that I received some natural beauty products as seen in Farmacy Beauty Trial, there I have videos and more information from the company itself.  

You know our house, has, and in fact still, is in some disarray because of repairs. The workmen have now gone and some of our items are back in place so I will have more time to devote to using and reviewing these products. 

I can, however, go ahead and review these today even with limited use for the last few weeks.  It stands to reason that if a product works with limited use can you imagine it with full-time use?

Today I give you an update on the products I received for this purpose. 

First up is the Honey Savior!  I can already tell you that I love it!  Yes, I do!  This stuff is excellent, and a little goes a very long way!  My skin can get dry very quickly now and I spend a lot of time outdoors so this product is a Godsend!  You can put it on at night after a day in the weather when skin is pulled, burning, chapped, and irritated and by morning it is feeling better than normal, soft and nonirritated at all!  A miracle of sorts to be sure and I who am very allergic can attest to this product's healing qualities!  .....Great Product!

Next up:  Invincible, and let me tell you this product is really great!  This serum works so well and smooths the skin.  I do think it reduces the appearance of fine lines and am working on using it more to see if my skin's firmness and elasticity improves. I'll update later as to these results. I do indeed like the innovative auto dropper which fills with the exact amount needed!  My own word was "Cool"!  Easy to use! I do advise you to use it quickly because it absorbs quickly.  Pat onto your skin and then replace the top on the bottle.  Use your day or nighttime cream/lotion/treatment over this.

If you want a flawless makeup application use this wait a few minutes for it to dry and then add your makeup.  Yes, I said flawless because that is the look this product helps you to achieve.

Last but not least is Eye Dew I can tell you this product is one of a very few on the market today that works for me.  You see I say it again I am a highly allergic person, so allergic that I rarely if ever even use eye shadow and rarely use mascara.  That's right I can't emphasize my lashes and tend to look weak-eyed because of no mascara use.  To make matters worse I have allergy eyes that run, water, itch, and those infamous dark circles which at certain times of the year are more pronounced.  I can truthfully say that this product works well and I've tested it enough to know for a fact that it does.  It would only take one use of a product so close to my eyes to know if it worked for me.  Now as for the performance results, I can say these statements:  
  • Eye Dew does help with the dark circles
  • Eye Dew helps tremendously by moisturizing the under eye area as well as the eyelid area.
  • Eye Dew makes my eye area feel and look much better.
I will have to update as to the firmness and elasticity, due to not having used constantly with workmen in the home for a month and a half. 

**I add this for accuracy in testing and a true review that since Farmacy didn't send any moisturizer I used a light everyday lotion that I already use. It is Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Daily Moisturizer. I have used it for more than a year my daughter gave this to me and I like it!  It is light and works well. I know how it works so it was normal to just use that product.  I have purchased some day and night time treatment from Farmacy and will update you as to their results in addition to these products noted here.

Question:  Do I recommend?
Answer: Why yes I do!

 My thoughts
Picture of me taking a selfie (first & last) to show skin, especially the eye area. Before use of the product
When I update will take an after picture to show results with elasticity and firmness at a later date.
I am in my 60s so we can go from there.

I imagine if you start using products such as these in your late twenties or early thirties 
they might just might carry you through some rough years and you might be better off for it.

I recently purchased from Farmacy more of the products along with their day and night time treatments.  
I will be back later with those results.  
That should tell you that I think highly of their products.


I Recommend Farmacy Beauty Products Highly!

Thumbs Up!

Disclosure:  The Farmacy products mentioned above were sent to me from Farmacy for use and review.  The opinions I give are as always my own personal opinions.  I give true reviews no matter what the results.


  1. Those sound like some great products. I imagine I should start thinking about my skin. You will be horrified to hear that I have never been one to use any kind of creams or moisturizers on my face. The lines are starting to come thru now tho so I am probably beyond hope at this point. :-)

    1. They do seem to work well! You my dear friend have fabulous skin! You are truly blessed. I have to confess that for the last 11 years I have done very little skincare...yep true. I got extremely lazy when I remarried Chuck and we moved out here in the country. Tending chickens and working out in the gardens were my pass times...I must be related to "Dirty Sally" not really but before then I used Principal Secret and it was great! When I thought I'd go back and use her products she had stopped with the ones I liked. Then I became allergic to most things and stopped...
      I sure would not say you are beyond hope are in excellent shape and very active I think you must have excellent genes...and lead a very active life!