Apr 25, 2017

My Florida Room Decor Ideas!

One of the most peaceful and inspiring vacations took place in Florida and today that is on my mind. That vacation and thinking what I would do with a Florida or a Sun Room.

I live in South Carolina we do have absolutely beautiful beaches.  I don't have a Florida Room so it made me think.  Do I want one?  What would I do if I had a room like that?  Let me see.  I would want it to be comfortable, peaceful, inviting.  Decorating it would be a dream! I would add things like, I'll just show you in the design boards below.

It is raining a lot today and guess I'm spending some lazy time here today thinking what I would like to do here at Hibiscus House.

The Blue Florida Room

It Can't Rain All The Time
When it is raining I'd love to be in a Florida Room decorated like this!
You can shop this look at the link above.

I do love soft Upholstery.  You know the type that you can't always look at and tell it is soft. But when you take a seat you can feel it immediately. That is the type I have now as well in the living room.  When someone new comes in they will say to me, "Is it alright to sit there?"  I'll say "of course it is!" Others are always saying to me when you get tired of that couch, can I have it? That type of furniture!

You must sit on what you intend to have in your home and try it out more than once.  Compare the look first of course but then it had better be comfortable or you'll wish you'd never taken it home.

My design is eclectic to say the least but that is my personality.  You choose something that says Florida, beach, sand, breath of Fresh Air to you!

Don't you just love the color of the wood in the trunk and the table and chairs?  I sure do they say to me, "I'm here but not to disturb you!"  The lighting spoke to me and my first thoughts were, outdoors, simple yet beautiful!

A collection of things I might add to the Blue Florida room.
Remember you can see each item on my online board, link above.

The only beach traditional thing would be the painting, isn't it beautiful? I couldn't resist that of course being from South Carolina, we have some of the most beautiful beaches.  It wasn't a hard thing to do to imagine how I would decorate a Florida room.

Evidently I have a love of retro.  Look at that lamp, it reminds me of something my grandmother Johnson would have had in her living room.  The clock check out the clock!  Love it!  

Even though in my home I have traditional draperies my favorite thing to have is a sheer behind them and open my windows a lot.  There is nothing more beautiful or peaceful than the sight of sheers blowing in the breeze.  For my Florida or Sun Room Sheers would have to stand alone for the flowing, soft beauty!

The rug must be beautiful yet sturdy and useful.  I do believe the rug above does that!

Audrey was just chosen on a whim.  Who doesn't love Audrey?

The Green Florida Room
Green Florida Room
To find out more information about the items in my project board click the link above.

Green, the color has always been a favorite of mine.  In recent years I've decided since my love of green has taken over and other colors were left behind that I will just consider it to be a neutral for me.  It works pretty well I might say as I have area rugs covering the hard wood flooring that are green and they are there but not in my mind's eye.

This green Florida Room Board is one that makes one think of outdoors, sturdy yet comfortable.  a look that could easily be pulled off on a porch, balcony, patio or deck.  Yes it says outdoors and everything else I would want it to convey.  

I could be cozy in this room with an added bookshelf so that I could read an afternoon away.

Florida Room Green Accessory Ideas
Other Greesn

Other Greesn
I love the blues and greens
Look at that mermaid!

These accessories would liven up that green room, I believe!  The rug, curtains, pictures, plants, check out the lamp and the plants.  

The clock is a statement yet would blend in with the wicker look furniture.

Look at the mermaid!  Now that would be the 'Wow' factor in the room, really she would!  Love the colors!

The beach scene is as if it is in motion.  Can you just see the breeze?  I surely can and feel the sand beneath my feet!

I like the green room as well, even though blue is my new favorite color.  

Beach Sand 
Beach Sand that is what I thought of when I put this project board!

It is strange when you start making a project board you really don't know what the finished project will look like. Sometimes it is a surprise and that is what this board was a surprise.
How retro did I go?  I was going for beach sand but the decor took me in different directions.

I like the direction and would go back and make another that indeed does say beach sand, but think instead I'll just keep this unusual retro version.

I think the picture says it all, such a simple yet beautiful scene!  The colors tie everything together. The table with colorful drawers is the thing that catches the eye as well!  I was mixing and matching and had another chair that was darker in color to tie it together but thought better of it and went with the light comfy chair for a more open airy feel to the room.  

Before I knew it the room became retro indeed with the light fixture and that colorful table, The blue in the simple rug ties in the beach/Florida look and the plant ties in with the trees in the picture. This would be a retro Florida/Sun Room!

I love making project boards.  You can use your own photos of furnishings and other decor to make new project boards.  You can look online for something new you would like to add to your existing decor and see if it would work in reality.

This was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Which one of these do you like best?
Comment below if you wish
 I'd love to hear from you!
Do you have a Florida or Sun Room?
How do you have it decorated?


  1. Wonderful post! I love the Florida Green room I would probably incorporate some beach decor as well ...
    Xo Marissa.

  2. LOVE it-- I am torn between- This Much Blue and Beach Sand! I've kind of been in a "I love blue" mood lately -after not having blue for so many years. I love doing inspiration rooms and I can see you do, too. You did a great job and I like the retro punch! xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana!
      Thank you, these things are fun aren't they? Making a design board has made me change my mind on a purchase or two when other real pics of furnishings are in the board..Sometimes what we think will work really doesn't and then something completely out of mind will work out great! I should have known you did these too! xo Dolly