May 22, 2017

May, What's Going On?

It has been a busy time around here as usual.  Now, can I say I've accomplished a lot?  No!  But busy none the less.

Chuck lost an uncle.  This uncle along with his wife were a pretty good team. He established a local rescue mission many years ago.  This men's rescue mission then grew into what is now called House of Hope in our city.  Please pray for the family he leaves behind.

There is nothing sweeter than a T Ball Team and we had one, "little One" on it with two more Coach Johnny and Assistant Coach "Brainiac".  We have been enjoying the most adorable little boys and girls play T Ball!  That is over now but we're enjoying the grands as much as possible.

The girls and I a few years back.  Today they were kidding around so much I couldn't get a good picture to use. 

Mother's Day we just had that day and I sure did enjoy that day!  It was such fun to see my little (now grown) girls at the door surprising me.  Catie gave me lots of great shampoos, conditioner etc.  The great perks of having a daughter who is a fabulous hair stylist!  She'd already given me some of the salon shampoos and a fantastic conditioner.  

  Card from Chuck, shampoos from Catie.

Carly went all the way to Paris to get me something from Chanel.  No really she did! Oh, alright maybe she didn't go just to buy my perfume but she did that while there recently.  She and John.
She got to see the new President of France, among other things. He was speaking nearby where they were staying. 

She got some of my favorite things also from Jacque Pepin:  An oven mitt, spatula, tote bag, dishcloth and Poulets & Legumes cookbook.

I put a new comforter set on the bed and it is wrinkled by nature.  I'm not sure this person can stand the wrinkles for very long, but it is pretty in color and maybe, just maybe.  I'll post more about this soon when I decide if we like it or not.

I've had this wonderful white quilt in my guest/craft closet for years.  Recently I changed out beds in this room and decided it was about time for me to pull that beauty out of storage and actually use it. The shams and smaller quilt at the foot of the bed I got from Carly.  The colors are so pretty in it as well.  I'll post more about the progress in this room since Hurricane Matthew soon. It is still a work in progress.


I can gladly say that there have been no wasps nests built since painting the porch ceiling blue!  That is indeed a happy statement.  However, the precious Chimney Sweeps are building nests the blue doesn't bother them at all.  Chuck and I decided that since we have just ordered some expensive outdoor curtains and rods that we must do something to discourage them before they set in to hatch.  I truly love the birds and they fly around me like Cinderella or Snow White, but we don't need the mess on the front porch.  I put a picture of a snake in the corner and they have stopped building. A couple of them do perch and sleep at night in the other corner.

I just now turned on the porch light and here they are the sweet couple. I do suppose we will have a little mess on the curtains but it will still be less than all of the nesting this type of bird does on our porch.  I'll update later as to what happens.

Oh, I know two things that love the new paint on the porch and they are carpenter bees and rabbits.  We noticed that something was chewing the porch right at the steps and then one night Chuck saw what it was.  A rabbit eating away at the porch. I guess that is a wood treat to them.  You just never know what critter will come up next and what they will be doing.

I've been making Strawberry Banana Jam and Grape Jelly.  The grape jelly was made this past week from grape juice I made and froze last year from our little fruit orchard here.  I'll post the grape jelly recipe later.

You know there are times when something quick is called for and if you cook everything from scratch as I do then this quick is almost non existent.  I'll post this quick recipe shortly for those who need something and need it quick!

I've done very little gardening we've been so tied up with many many other things but I did move a pretty large Crape Myrtle and I do hope it survives. The little Lavender in pots are doing well I will post about those too when they are in full bloom.

Product Review coming soon on a Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Car Locator, we are testing now.

Until next time,