Sep 22, 2017

A Little of This and That

Carly was leaning against a fence when this sweet hen proceeded to jump on top of the fence and her shoulder.  Isn't this adorable?

This picture of Carly was taken at my sister, Gwen's house not long ago.  She has some mighty friendly Buff Orpingtons and this one knew she wanted to be on Carly's shoulder.  

I took this picture a few years back.  Gwen had just begun to build this cute little chicken coop.  It was fun to see my many talented sister go to work on building something from virtually nothing. She's always been good at that. You may remember the bedroom dresser that she turned into a kitchen island in this home. 

Views of after she painted it the barn red, which I love and made a porch for them to roost on complete with wind chimes and a hanging basket.  How cute is this?

Her hens love this place.  She has a run for them and she also gives them free range time within her yard.  The hawks, neighborhood dogs, snakes and other varmits have gotten a few over time.  But all in all they have a happy life there.

This is a shot of her chicken yard
I like that it is walk in accessible!
A look through the chicken wire at the beauties
Aren't the chickens pretty?  Check out the little chic

This cute little building is always surrounded by blooming plants & flowers
Yep, Gwen has Dot's green thumb!
She was working in the garden on this day

The view to the barn and little building
This place was built in the 1940s

Even her little pegboard in the old building is filled with many useful, as well as cute items

Chuck wasn't there long before this little fellow jumped on his lap
Lots of flower pots full of bloom beside him

This pretty cat was busy rubbing my legs and feet as I walked around taking pictures
Always a bed of flowers blooming here

Beauty everywhere you look

Hope you enjoyed your walk around Gwen's gardens!

What have we been doing here?
Not enough time or room to say but a little of it below.
Shrimp Grits
Chuck loves them
We got the shrimp from Sea2Table and they were delicious!

Looking into my everyday flatware (spoon drawer I call drawer in the kitchen.
How does the container always get dirty? 
Boggles my mind!

Tell me if you can, do you lose flatware like socks in the wash? I don't understand it at all!  

I had another set and I moved it into this spot in the kitchen about 6 months back.  I decided to move the other back to it's location and that's when it happened!  I looked and saw only 4 salad forks, a dinner fork missing, a butter knife missing..and on and on.  You get the drift...What happened to these things. I went to other location and found some of that missing as well.  

Guess what?  The next day the other set was complete!  This set pictured above, however did not have it's pieces, returned mysteriously overnight. 

Yes, things like that happen around here.  Things moved and put into strange places. It has become the norm, but just in case they don't return I did order a few more of this set.  It is discontinued so it was a hard job finding more.

I've been cooking even more lately, and I didn't think that would even be possible! 😅
Chuck has retired, yes he has.
Love him, getting used to him being home all of the time.
That in itself is a story all could tell I'm sure!

I made a few late season Bread & Butter Pickles not long ago.
They are delicious!  I'll have to post the recipe on this website later.

Canned a few late season peaches too!

I'll tell you what I do miss and it is these little guys!
Summer over, school in.....
They sure kept me entertained!

One more time let's look at this picture!

We were blessed during Hurricane Irma!  Thank you Lord!
Now what in the world will I do with the junk I bought to keep us alive and kicking? 
Giving away all I can...
Goodbye Summer!

On with Fall and Winter!

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