Sep 8, 2017

Are We Ready For Hurricane Irma?

National Hurricane Center 
Irma 2 am this morning

Well friends are you ready?  Hurricane Irma is on it's way.  We are still praying for Texas and now this one is soon to be near.  What will you do?  

These situations, which we humans can do nothing about, are what bring to mind who really is in charge.  Don't fear for God is in control.  Pray for strength and guidance.  Here are a few Bible verses that speak of Weather God's Sovereignty Over.  I hope that helps with any feelings of helplessness you may have friends.

Hurricane Hugo Charleston Daily credit

I sure don't have all the answers but guess it bears some research.  The only knowledge I personally have of one is of Hurricane Hugo here in South Carolina. What I Remember From Hurricane Hugo.

You already know these things, but I'll post anyway. Please if you have any great tips or ideas comment for others to see that would be great! 

Very Important Reminders:

Know where to go in case of emergency evacuation!
Find the most secure, safe place in your home, center on the bottom floor.  Clear this area for all concerned.
Have Autos filled with gas in case of emergency in case of evacuation.
Pack the auto with clothing, emergency supplies, in case of evacuation. Note on clothing: Pack things that if wet you will have extras.
Stock up easy food items that can be used easily when utilities are off. Have plenty of water for drinking, cooking if possible, washing, flushing toilets etc.
Medicines have handy.
Manual Can Opener is a necessity.
Place all important documents, family photos in a safe moisture air tight container and place upstairs for safe keeping.

Things we found useful were:

  • Water drawn up from the faucet and put into pitchers, containers, sinks, bathtubs, etc.  That was used for drinking, flushing toilets..(the messiest part), cooking and washing hands etc.
  • Foods that would be easy to open and eat without electricity.
  • Grills, gas and charcoal with plenty of gas, charcoal plus charcoal lighter fluid. If you are one of the lucky ones who own a gas stove then you had it made.
  • Candles for light when electricity went off.
  • Flashlights & lanterns complete with batteries.
  • Coolers and ice. I remember the one thing all people around were saying that they missed the most was ice! Make extra ice bag it up for later.
  • Paper plates, cups, napkins, paper towels, baby wipes, plastic spoons, forks, knives. toilet tissue, hand sanitizer. Link to make your own Hand Sanitizer. (I haven't made yet but am going to do so.)
  • Garbage bags, plastic ziploc bags.
  • Medicines and bandages kept handy for quick use.
  • Autos cleaned out and filled with gas in case of emergency evacuation.

Things we've recently heard that might prove helpful:
  • Freeze bags of water to keep your frozen goods longer and for use as ice and water when it melts.
  • Plenty of disposable wipes like Clorox Wipes or all purpose cleaners for use.
  • Washing machine, dryer and dishwasher can be great airtight storage for important papers, etc during a storm such as this. (I read can not confirm if it works.) **UPDATE I've read today that the dishwasher does not prove a safe way to store valuable and in fact does indeed flood in extreme weather conditions.
  • Washing machine filled with ice for bottle canned drinks, again I read this can't confirm how it works.

Outside Tips

Trim or cut down trees that pose a hazard to your home and surroundings.
Store flower pots, bird feeders, water fountains, cement lawn ornaments, chairs basically anything that can become missiles.  I'll never forget my daddy saying, "Yeah, your mama had so many flower pots outside and they kept hitting the house like we were under missile fire!"
Protect as best you can outdoor animals. Be sure to draw up plenty of water as well.

Inside Tips

Wash laundry up until you have to stop.  The last thing you want lying around in a house without electricity, air or heat would be stinky damp clothing and towels.
Wash all dishes, another thing you don't want possibly lying around stinking up the house and building up germs. Paper can replace for awhile.
Clean house if possible before storm hits. Especially if you live in two story home. You do want bottom floor as clean and clear as possible, because that is where you will be. Do Not go or sleep upstairs during the storm if possible.
Have plenty of blankets, covers, sheets, pillows etc for comfortable sleeping in odd places if need be.
Keep fun games for adults and toys, books for children to play with.  It may be a long time before the utilities are back up and running so you might as well have some family time.  Memories in the making. **A fun card game Carly found is called Skip Bo.  We all own one now.
Keep all interior doors closed to prevent excess pressure build up and to help protect your roof!
Read all about it here.
Keep freezer and refrigerator closed as much as possible to keep them cold with power loss.


For weather updates

Remember to share some of your tips for others to see and know.

Final note: Everyone is different and your needs will vary.  Make a list and check it twice.  Be ready, prepare and if you don't need it that's ok, better safe than sorry.  

Do Not Worry
Matthew 6:25-27
"Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on.  Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? 26 Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not of more value than they? 27 Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?

May God bless and keep you friends,

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