Oct 24, 2017

Garden Spiders, Wild Turkeys It's Fall Y'all

Oh my how I dislike spiders!  Worse for me than snakes!  If I had a choice to be around either one I would choose the snake!  What would you choose?  Today at this appropriate time the topic is this 'Spider'.


Argiope Aurantia
Garden Spider

If you garden or are in the outdoors much you will run into this species quite regularly. I regretfully run into the webs constantly and cringe at the thought. Running into the house to pull the web and I know I feel that thing in my hair and going down my back. Whew! No I've never had that to happen. (found one on me that is.)

The web is very pretty actually

One more shot
Look below the spider on the porch railing that pesky wabbit has been snacking there too
He loves the porch wood!

You can read more about that little critter Here

Getting back to the Spider Talk, my mama always said they weren't poisonous.  Guess what they actually are venomous but are not aggressive, thank goodness!  I know that gardening as I do and being in very close contact with them I would have been 'killed' before now!  Just kidding, I've never been bitten by one.  

They will bite though it seems and is like a bee sting, with redness and swelling.  If you are a healthy person that would not be much of a problem, but if you are allergic, elderly, sickly, or very young the bite could be a problem.  Who knew?  I didn't.

You can read all about them HERE



Females are the ones we see most commonly seen in gardens.  The webs are zigzag shaped that is an extra thick line of silk, the design in the middle extending vertically.  They spend most of their time in the webs waiting for their prey.

They prey on insects, geckos and green anoles. What did I just read?  Oh no this one has to go.  I love my Anoles (lizards)!  Besides this one is on the front doorsteps, of course it has to be moved elsewhere.

You know I like my lizards!
You can read more about these HERE

I kept telling Chuck not to kill them just move around them.  Sad to say this one had an untimely death.

There is a nip in the air, well kinda even though temperatures have been in the 80s
Today a little nippier in the 70s..
Look below who came for a visit, these two and the whole crowd...
You can read more about them and one of their first visits HERE

Look at these beauties!
They are growing and look healthy

They came back recently and had a feast on the acorns in the yard! I love these families and have watched them grow! I hope this group survives the hunters around here. I'll post more even a video of them at a later time.

A personal note to you my friends:
I want to thank all who have been in prayer for my children Carly and John.
Many of you know they were the victims of a hit and run auto accident a few weeks back.  They were on their way to her high school reunion and it happened right down the road from their home.

They are taking it day by day healing some and some wounds will take a lot longer.
It is amazing how in one quick second your life can change.
We thank the Lord that they made it out of that totaled car and know He was responsible for that happening.

Please keep them in your prayers as they heal and try to get back to normal.
The little ones H & P are being real troopers helping them too and handling it quite well.
They of course think 'Mimi' lives with them now. (I practically do).

Thank you,

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