Apr 5, 2018

It's About Time!

How exciting is it?  I have many friends who love to garden as much as I.  Do you like to garden?  It seems that people either love or hate to garden.  Circumstances have taken me away from my home gardens for almost three years.  I intend to make the time to get back to a true love of mine, passed on from my mother.  Well guess I'll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I decided to tackle the work ahead of me in sections.  That's pretty much the only way to do it when everything has gotten out of hand.

I took a walk around and saw many many areas in need of repair, replacing etc. I'll share the ugly first and, when I say ugly it's ugly!

First things first
Survey the area, Look, Check for Needed Things, Damages, Losses etc


Looks like I need to replace a dying azalea in Gloria's Bed

Bad windy, stormy weather had taken away my mulch, so it was time to replenish!  Straw, my favorite I had to order more! I did say sharing the ugly didn't I?

Still in Gloria's Bed

Look at the landscape fabric twisted from high winds.   We do have extremely high winds out here in the wide open spaces.  Mulch has been blown away as well

This shot probably gives you a better idea of how bad it really looks and what is needed

Another shot of Gloria's Garden

Shrubs in need of trimming.  It is too late for that now will do the trimming after the blooming.

You can see here the Boxwoods need trimming for sure.  The grass needs pulling, and the mulch needs replacing. I see the landscape fabric has been at work though because no grass or weeds are coming through it.  You can see that my border edging has disappeared and lots of grass has grown up and up over the fabric. I see lots of work here!

 Same situation in this section

Look at that beautiful front porch! We still enjoy it daily!
Wasps and birds don't build nests anymore!

Tidbit*  My 'Mama Dot' rooted everyone of these Boxwood bushes from trimmings.  I have moved them to two homes and enjoyed them for countless years.  Needless to say they are very special to me.

I will start trimming, weeding and replacing mulch in this section as well.  You can see the brick walkway is covered with grass and weeds, so a major clean up is needed here.

Abandoned Nest
It is beautiful, sorry it didn't hatch.

Closeup of the brick walkway covered in grass

Check out the damage done on the step railing by that bunny
read more here about that critter

Most recent Bunny Snack!

He came around through the rose garden the other day.  I returned home and saw him standing by the fence. He starred at me as if to say, "I'm not doing anything", then scurried off.  I walked around to the front to see this!  Oh that cute, but aggravating Booger!  He never messed with this or the porch until we painted!  He loves painted wood!

I have more work which needs doing but will share later I'm running out of room here for now.


New load of pinestraw

I had no choice but to bring in new mulch and my favorite is Longleaf Pine Straw.  First on my list of needs.  I'm missing Mr. Amerson, but so thankful that his son, Chris is continuing the business.  It is great they are located nearby.  Locals already know about them. Amerson's Nursery.  They had this delivered in record time as always, great customer service.


I keep my tools until they are no longer usable
The little garden shovel, my mother gave to me and I would take nothing for it.
That little tin bucket is very old and is used for my Black Cow manure.

Rake needed to gather up trimmings etc. Bucket for watering new plantings

Loading up debris in my Old Workhorse of a Wheelbarrow

My trusty old sewing scissors, now utility scissors to cut the strings from the bales of straw

Tidbits *
*These I've  had since I was 12 years old from sewing class.  I'm in my sixties now so that tells you how old they are.  I don't throw things away, and keep them virtually forever. 

*Grandmother Johnson once said to my mother, "Dot why do you not buy the cute dresses for Gwen like you do for Dolly?".  My mother said, "Well see their dresses, they were bought on the very same day."  "Dolly takes care of her things and Gwen, being the tomboy that she is, wears her's out quicker."...Funny stuff but true.  I love that tomboy sister and this week she is building some raised gardening beds for me!  Yes, she is creative and talented in ways I am not.  I'll share those with you when finished.

Garden Cart
I really use this little number!  It is so handy!  Would not be without it!

Trimmers of all kinds for trimwork


Trimming the Boxwood Plants & Pulling Grass

Putting out the mulch to the Boxwoods

Now that looks much better
All that is left to do is to cut in another border around the bed.

You can use a lot of mulch before you know it!

Azalea Replaced

I sent Chuck down to Amerson's for a white Azalea and this one was absolutely beautiful.  I so wish they would last longer.  The season comes and goes so quickly.

I'll update with more pictures of the gardens later.
It is lots of work but oh how great it looks later!

Friends, I'm so glad to have you here!
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Happy Gardening!

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