Jun 23, 2018

Funny Backyard Animals

Each animal has a certain personality or trait.  I find them all amusing.  Although I don't spend as much time hatching out more chicks or adding to this menagerie of critters, I still enjoy them very much.

I think today I'll just share a few photos of these well loved animals.  Oh they may need a bath, and a brushing for the dog but sharing anyway.

This is one of the best dogs we've ever owned. His heart is the kindest!  You may remember we got him shortly after we lost our first Pyrenees to an unknown illness.  Casper was owned by a little 5 year old girl who loved him dearly.  He, however was to be way too large for her to handle so we were blessed to receive him.

He will sit and the chickens will stand on top of him, he just does not care.  They always gather around and truly love him.  He is the best protector and I think they know this.  Casper has a heart of gold.  

They also know he is a fierce, strong and brilliant protector of all.  He can and at times does let himself out of the pen.  That is a good thing, because we've had times when I was glad he came to my defense out here.

We almost lost him last year due to sickness but thankfully he has survived.  We thank God for that and I for one am glad our son in law is a Vet Tech.  That doesn't hurt either.  

White Rock Hen standing on top of Casper

Crazy hens, they are so funny.
Casper lying in a hole deep enough for a pond right at the door 
What to do with a hot digging dog?
Never walk into pen at night, that's for sure!

Hens hovering around Casper
They never venture very far.

Sweet Buff Orpington Hen

Happy Hens

Another group
This is a peaceful bunch of chickens
One main rooster, and that is Gaston

Pretty happy grouping

These two, Silkie roosters are characters for sure

On the left is Screech, named for his fearful personality
He doesn't really crow, instead he screeches!
He is afraid of his shadow and everything else in the world!

On the right is Pumpkin, named for his color
He was also born in October so the name suits him
He isn't afraid of anything, yet is a peaceful rooster

These two are always plotting something it seems
I suppose they have to because of their size

The crew coming in for the night!

Hens scurrying
One very hot, and tired dog.

 Pat the Hammer, hen coming in behind
She was named by our little P years ago
He loved Handy Manny
When I tell him the voice behind that character is now on NCIS
He is not sure about that. 
(he is so funny, plus we can't let him watch the show).

One happy dog 

He is proud and has them all inside for the night
He knows his favorite treat is next 
That always puts a smile on his face!
This dog loves his Pupperoni

Stray eggs

Who knows why they are there?
The dog sometimes carries them up front near the door
I don't know why?
Maybe he is helping
Sometimes some of the hens lay eggs in weird places
He finds them and brings them.
Hey, I'm just glad he doesn't eat them!

Keep laying those farm fresh eggs girls!


  1. what a lovely tribute to your dog and chickies. thank you for sharing. --suz in ohio