Jun 21, 2018

New Potatoes Don't You Love them?

Oh my gosh, how I love this time of the year!  Fresh vegetables coming into season are so great!  Today the freshly dug new potato is the topic.

I am a meat and potatoes kinda gal with tons of other vegetables thrown into that mix.  Look at these beauties in the picture below!  A local grower does such a wonderful job of keeping us in delicious vegetables. 

Grandma always said, "Honey, you don't peel new potatoes, you scrape them."

She was right you know! Check out the color of the skin when you softly scrap the peeling away! You can take a paring knife and clean out all of the little eyes, if you wish.  I wasn't worried about the little sunken places myself.

These are so very good boiled whole, barely cover with water then add some butter. salt and pepper.  Oh my how good they are.  Boil then simmer on medium low heat until fork tender but not mushy.

Grandma and Great Grandma Maggie always said, " You have to cook them new potatoes and then when they git tender you pour that water off and add fresh water."

I asked, "Why?"

They said, " Youngin, don't you know? That will give you a stomach ache!"

I couldn't tell you if that is a fact, but all I know is I do just it. I cook them until a fork stuck in the top 1/2 inch hits harder potato, then I drain all of that water off and add fresh water.  I then season with salt, pepper and butter.  Oh my gracious!  They are so delicious!

Now, if you want a stewed potato you can cut into smaller pieces.  Cook in same manner above and then add about 2 tablespoons of self rising flour into the liquid in the pot.  Sprinkle it around.  Don't worry about lumps, they will cook out and make a great white sauce right in the pot with the potatoes. Special note:  If you want old timey stewed potatoes you will add bacon/fat back or streak of lean grease to that pot when cooking. You can also cut up an onion into the pot as well.  Now that is good eating!

Stewed New Potatoes

I cut these in half and added flour for a white sauce
We were having green beans so that seemed to be a better choice at the time.

Basket full of freshly dug New Potatoes!
We got these from down the road a little piece (as grandma would say).
Grown on land nearby and dug fresh to eat!

I made a potato salad today from some of them.

If there is one thing I love it is a potato
No matter how you cook it

Look at that beauty!
A friend gave us those beautiful green beans fresh from the fields
They melt in your mouth, they are so crisp tender,flavorful and delicious!

Happy tater cooking y'all!
I am ready for some of that tater salad now myself!
Yes, that is how we talk really around here.


  1. I like to scrape my potato skins too. I have no idea where I learned that from.

    I LOVE new potatoes just like you make them, except I add a little garlic salt and dill to them as well.

    When my kids were small we had a huge garden and we always grew potatoes. Half the fun was digging them up in the fall.