Jan 30, 2020

Have You Tried Celery Juice? Here Goes Nothing! Reading The Book Medical Medium by Anthony William

I've decided to go on the celery juice route. I see it everywhere and awhile back I ordered the book. We don't go into diets around here. I take that back Catie has us limiting our intake.  Chuck has taken to walking our long driveway! That is a win-win situation.  

To say that we are people that make New Year's resolutions and would even stick to them is laughable. We learned a long time ago they just don't work for us. I admire you if they work for you!

You may know of my recent post about retirement. Chuck is now at home daily.  He is like a kid in the candy store when in the kitchen watching me cook!  The man loves to eat!  Trouble is I've gained weight and so has he since his retiring.  You stay at home women will understand when I say there is truth to the saying, "The Way to a Man's Heart is His Stomach".  Yeah, well, we are going to remedy that in this house.  I have way too many things to do than to stand at the stove 24-7!

Celery juice here we come! Bet he won't stand in the kitchen smiling when I use the brand new blender/juicer to make this!  He will drink it I'm sure though---or am I?  Here goes nothing!

This is a beginning for me, as I mentioned. Today I will be making juice from the celery. I happen to be one who loves celery! Granted when it is dipped into my own personal stash of Ranch Dressing!  Yeah, I will forgo some of that for a time, not always! Never without my Ranch totally! 

I will juice and let you know how it works.  It may take a few weeks to see any results, but I will take notes on how or if anything changes.

The problem I will have is not having coffee when I first wake up in the morning. That will be the hardest thing to break.  Celery juice is to be the first thing you put into your empty stomach in the morning.

The one thing I'm hearing over and over again with this juice is:  Celery Juice by itself is much better, no additions, no water, no lemon do not mix. Other ingredients defeat the purpose and in fact, take away from the benefits!

Some Benefits 

  1. A cleansing detox drink. Straight celery juice can be a medicinal & cleansing juice.
  2. Very hydrating and alkalizing since it is high in water content
  3. If you eat celery itself after drinking the juice it tends to increase the cleansing (bowel movements).
  4. Improves liver functions, as well as detoxes the pathways, the lymph, intestinal and kidney systems
  5. Helpful for the digestion of fats!
  6. Helps to maintain a healthy gallbladder
  7. It is believed to be good for autoimmune conditions like Epstein-Barr and Shingles
  8. Can remove skin issues and promote a clear complexion 
  9. It can be moisturizing helping the skin to be more supple and smooth.
  10. It has phenolic compounds which act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
  11. Can relieve joint pain
  12. May help reduce brain fog

    There are many other benefits watch the videos below for more helpful information. 

    The man behind the plan!
    The Global Juice Movement

    Happy Juicing!
    I'll be back later with my results 

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