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Welcome! I'd like to invite you to take a walking tour of our most beautiful roses. These are our pride and joy. Every year they perform harder than the last and that in itself seems impossible to do. Each picture is a section of fence, none are duplicates.  2014 Spring Blooms on the picket fence. Enjoy.

Face Masks Let's Sew Crafters !

Face Masks do we wear or not?  That is the current question and now the CDC recommends the wearing of masks in public. You can read more about it here and CDC Face Coverings here

We sewers are making face masks. It seems to be a needed thing and why not use some of the fabric we always seem to have on hand anyway. Today sharing a few patterns and videos found online.
Let's get to sewing!

There are numerous patterns out there if you search and of course you probably already have, but today I'm sharing and keeping a journal for myself as well.  I do come back to posts when I need a quick reference.

Let's start today with a NO SEW from the SURGEON GENERAL Showing HOW TO

JOANN'S Pattern which can be found How To Make A Face Mask  
You can download and print the pattern from that link.

This is their video for instructions


This Video from Maker's Habitat KL
The mask has a pocket to add and change out filters

It is nearly impossible to find elastic now so here is a tutorial video using ties
Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company

A Great Video For Making Easy Pleats in Your Masks!

How to Sew a Close-Fitted Fabric Face Mask
Sweet Red :Poppy

Website: Here

I really like this pattern!

This video tutorial has no pleats, has string ties and a pocket for removable filter
Homemade On Our Homestead

I'm going to work on some of these next

Supplies for the above mask in video with string

Affiliate Links Below

The video above uses  Braided Clothesline

Charcoal Filters

Twist Ties

There are many out there but these should get us started.
I'll add more patterns or videos as I come across them.


Happy Sewing


  1. These are som great ideas for sewing mask. I wish I knew how to sew. I have a friend making me a mask just incase we have to start wearing them to go anywhere. Boy, I never thought it would come to this.

    1. Hi Lisa,Yeah, we figured we might as well make some.  It looks like we may need them. Like you, I never thought it would come to this either. Good to hear from you. Stay safe!Dolly


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