Dec 22, 2020

Did You See It?

Isn't the photo above wonderful! My thanks to Ed Piotrowski of WPDE for allowing me to use it and his explanation.


Ed says, " Here it is!  My photo of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn through my telescope just after 6pm tonight.  In addition to the planets, 4 of Jupiter's moons were visible including Europa, Ganymede, to & Callisto.  Saturn's Titan moon was also visible.  I stacked many images for more clarity and color but also so you could see the moons and planets (different exposures used) in the same image.  Equipment included Nexstar Celestron 6SE with Nikon D750 attached."

I'm so glad he shared that with us!

Thanks, Ed 

Ed Piotrowski Chief Meteorologist WPDE - Myrtle Beach, SC  

Ed Piotrowski WPDE Facebook Page 

Thank goodness he had his telescope with a camera and took great pictures!  I wanted to share from the expert first. 

We depend on him and his most accurate weather information here!

My photos are not so great in fact they look a little ridiculous. I'll share them anyway.  I was so excited!  Well, you'll see!

I had almost forgotten about the event.  We were eating supper and someone called to remind us about the Conjunction. Up and out we went to see. At first, we weren't sure we had the right stars/planets so we looked all around the sky hoping we had zoomed in on the right things. 

It is dark out here and on any given clear night the sky and stars are so vibrant.  Last night we were so excited it was an adventure. Chuck handed me a pair of binoculars and what I saw was a sparkling extravaganza!  There seemed to be shooting fireworks all-around at the time. It was very sparkly like many stars surrounded the two. For me, it was like a fireworks show! That's the best way I can describe what I saw at the time.  

I excitedly took my little camera zoomed in as far as I could and snapped at different times. I have to say the pictures that came out were not what I saw!  These are what my non-photographer self got! I didn't see them as red when I took the pictures that part is so odd. The shooting things well who knows I did see things happening around the planets but those shots could be my excited shaky hands!

Hey, I'm laughing and sharing them below anyway! 

The two planets

Another shot

I can't explain it!

Did I shoot the moon instead?  Who knows?

Alright, I just don't know?
I promise I wasn't dancing around at the time
Evidently, I was too excited!
Grands will love this one!
Sharing anyway it is different, to say the least.  Don't you think?

This one is pretty whatever it is!

Now that we know I need a professional photographer with me at all times 😂
I hope you enjoyed them anyway!

I'll bet some of you got some great pictures or sightings
Share with us if you like.

Aren't we glad to have Ed's perspective and picture on the subject?
Yes, we are!

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