May 30, 2021

Memorial Day 2021

KIA killed in action MIA missing in action

They lost their lives in battle and are heroes one and all!

All never to come back home or see their families again. 

We should never forget their sacrifice. 

This weekend while we enjoy the time stop think be thankful and remember the sacrifices made by so many that gave us the freedom to enjoy these days. 

May we all stand tall and respect our country and our flag.  The flag isn't just a piece of cloth it is a symbol of a country that we should all be proud of.  Don't let their ultimate sacrifices be in vain.

Stand tall be proud and thankful.  Do the best you can do to make it a better place.

Our country seems to be in turmoil created turmoil if you ask me. Pray for all.  We are a spoiled nation of misguided individuals that have sadly lost their way.  Pray for guidance, peace, and God's will for our world.

Enjoy the time the days and activities those too are things they fought for.



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