Jun 29, 2023

Budget Minded Gardening with My New 'Flower Garden Bed'

What do you do with a bed frame no longer in use but still looks pretty good? Turn it into a garden bed! A new bed that cost practically nothing to put together.

You probably know by now that I really like to make things from what is on hand! This is one of those projects.

I have smiled and laughed out loud creating it!  What a fun project!

Catie donated the frame and Doug donated the brown landscaping border. My compost pile supplied me with rich fertile soil and some volunteer seedlings and perennial bulbs provided the majority of plants

Standing at the foot of the bed

The bed frame developed a patina sitting on the front porch
It was to be a temporary location which was to be moved into storage but you know me.  I let it stay there it was a backdrop for many potted plants.  I finally decided it was time to move the frame to storage, but then decided why not put it to good use in the gardens.

Volunteer Marigolds and Hummingbird Mint

I planted perennial and some annual flowers found on the property. Scavenging was the fun part for me! Reminds me I need to remember to plant some of the Vinca. There are a few small Four O'clock and Bleeding Heart seedlings found on the property. They will fill in and bloom hopefully some will return next year as well

I did purchase a few things Cottage Farms Yellow Summer Trumpet Vines QVC and Dahlias from QVC The cost was around $67.  Plus a bag of potting soil was purchased from Sam's Club. 

This will fill in because I've planted bulbs that were in my other garden locations.  You may have to be patient, but the rewards and savings will be worth the wait in the end! 
One of my mottos:
"Make the best with what you have on hand, always!"
'Make Do'

The saying 'Happy Gardening' reminds me of Webby Debby!

Budget Minded Gardening

I don't have to tell you, shoppers, that prices for everything have gone through the roof. Saving money needs to be a priority with our current economy.  It takes a certain mindset to accomplish and if you're like me I seemed to have forgotten how to pinch the pennies. Trying to remedy that now!

I've grown my entire vegetable garden and most flowers from seeds this year! Makes me so happy!  Anytime you can save money is good, but in these inflationary times more so.

This flower bed cost me a few dollars for the Trumpet Vines from QVC. I already had them before planning this bed but still,  the cost is to be included in the project.

It is a work in progress and I'll update you when the flowers fill it later!  I can't wait!

Do you love making something out of virtually nothing?  Re-purposing things?  I sure do and always have.

Family Talk:  When I was a little girl my daddy would have something he couldn't use in his auto-body shop and would place it aside for trashing.  Little Dolly would take them and use them in other ways.  One such item was a steel welding bench.  My brothers and friends helped me move it inside the house.  Into my room, it went. I painted it and used it as a table! Wow, it's a wonder my floor didn't fall from the sheer weight of the thing!  Fond memories.

Make Something With Much of Nothing Today!


  1. Your whimsical flower 'bed' reminded me of a song we used to sing in nursery school (don't laugh): "Make our bed the flowers said, - Make it soft and deep - the birds will sing our lullaby - And we will go to sleep." That ditty is probably 100 years old. Anyway. . . I love your pretty flower bed. Sure it's quite a conversation piece and adds a smile and happy face to all who visit (and Lord, don't we need that!) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Eileen! Oh I wish I could hear you sing that cute song. I must look it up now to see if I can hear it. I love the words Thank you for sharing it! Thank you too for the sweet comments!

    2. So sorry for the extra trouble - My husband had an identity theft a year ago and he's always messing around with our e-mail and security stuff. You are such a busy lady, especially this time of year, and we Readers appreciate your replies to our comments. P.S. Are you going to can all those veggies? Hope you have help.

    3. Oh no trouble at all. I just wanted to make sure you were getting an answer with the noreply up. I'm canning a few things now it has been a busy but fun week.