Jan 3, 2024

New Beginnings with Unplanned Planning


How wonderful to have new beginnings 

Think about it a new year, a new month, a new day 

Do you stop to think how blessed we are?  

I don't make resolutions  they tend to tie you down

But special thoughts, hopes, and excitement do come to mind.

We all have things we like to do

I have many interests which I share here on the blog 

Gardening is one and when the winter hits mine is done inside

Lettuce and tomatoes are now in my indoor gardens

Excited for the new planting season to begin

New Location For My Plans 

Storing them in a place that doesn't dominate thoughts or actions

A peaceful storage that holds them safe until needed

I constantly have lots of plans in my thoughts 

My mind functions like that 
I've learned to accept and ignore until needed
I'm always excited to see when the plans become realities
Dwelling on them shouldn't be a part of the unplanned planning

I am becoming a minimalist in all areas of life

This lady is all in for the less rigid, less dominating, less everything

However, more flexibility in all areas

Hibiscus House the blog

What does blogging  mean in the new unplanned

It seems blogs are becoming a thing of the past, but writing is eternal

My Thoughts On All

Do what you love 

Your interests are yours
Realize you are the owner of them

Be thoughtful, kind, and understanding  

Realize you hold your dreams in your hand 

Be Thankful and know all blessings come from the Lord

Until Next Time

Happy New Year To You

Oh on a funny note
I've been going to sleep on Christmas movies and I do believe I have a British accent now!


  1. I have become a minimalist in life as well.
    Cute post.

    1. It seems to make it easier. I still have a lot to do yet, the hoarder to minimalist takes a little time. Doing it little by little. Thanks Lisa!