Mar 22, 2024

I'm Not So Good With Chia Pet


Those who really know me know that I like Willie!

Carly & Family gave me the best gift ever!

I was glad to have him!

Then it happened....

It sure looks like him!

I put him in the kitchen window so I could enjoy him lots!

I followed the instructions that came with him, placed the seeds on him as best I could & added water

The seeds began to fall off of him!


Look at him!  No matter where I look at him, he seems alive!  He really does

It's as if he is smiling and looking at us!

Slowly but surely the pigtail seeds fell off or rambled onto his body in strange places

The only growth of green was would you believe, in his ear
He was for a short time growing ear hair!

Willie, I am so sorry but you have mold growing on you!
Oh, the shame....

Look at the mold!

I did the only thing I could do
I gave Willie a bath!

For now, at least, Willie will be clean-shaven!

Hey friends out there do you have any luck with Chia Pets?
If so please share with me!

I'm a Chia Pet failure!

Have a Great Weekend!

Until Next Time...

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  1. To each his own, but Sorry Dolly--that is just creepy! Now if it had been Elvis it might have worked for me :-)

    1. Hey Eileen I agree it is! LOL Maybe they have an Elvis one hmmmm....Have a great weekend!