Mar 23, 2024

Save Money Cook Your Meals

I promise you money can be saved for your household. Meals prepared at home are much less expensive and taste so delicious.  

You may say 'How can money be saved in these expensive times?"  Well, I've been shocked dismayed eyes wide open with disbelief at the costs in this current economy.  It can be very exasperating!

Shop wisely be sure to do comparison shopping. The new price increases are enough to make one shiver. Take a look at what you actually need or want when shopping. 

I have become a more frugal shopper. My minimalism is coming in handy now. (ps) My past hoarding is also coming in handy.   Today sharing a few more tips.
Recently I posted about  Beverages such as coffee and tea.  There are many that you can make without caffeine. Making your own juices etc can be a good thing as well.

Make yours at home the $avings will add up very quickly! 

COOK:  You don't have to eat out every night.  You live alone?  So what, cook for yourself. There is no reason not to have healthy, nutritious foods. Do you have a large family?  Learn what it takes and cook only what is needed.  Put some thought into it. You'll soon learn your needs and how much to buy for your family.  This means Extreme Savings!

YOU don't cook you may say.  Today there is enough information to teach you how to cook. Many programs, cookbooks, and YouTube videos are available to teach you.  They are so full of ideas and recipes. Smart ways to learn and save.

LEFTOVERS?  Take them to work, or school.  Don't waste you can also freeze for another time. That saves time and money when you just don't feel like cooking. Don't waste or throw away good food be mindful of that always.  Extra savings.

We have recipes here and are adding more always so feel free to use them.  They are simple, few-ingredient recipes.  Be sure to check out the sidebar for different sections to suit your cooking needs.


Keep track of product dates always place older ones in front for use.  Do this at least weekly and save money using your items before expiration.  Sometimes my meals are planned around what is or may be going bad soon.  Save where you can and when you can.

This will save time and money.  Use what you buy and buy only what you use.

*I saved money the other day because I'd neglected to check my cleaning cabinet. I need to practice what I preach.  After searching this former hoarder had more in stock than I realized. My cart at Amazon was full of cleaning products!  I deleted and saved over $100!

Have a Great Weekend!

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