Aug 12, 2011

The Dreaded Sandspur


The land here had been farmed mostly row crops as I understand it. We cleared a spot out for our new home to be built and it was such a hard job.  These things covered the place and everywhere we walked there they were attached to our clothes, socks even tennis shoes.  We had no place to step without getting them stuck on us..ugh...

 We called our Clemson Extension Agent and he told us what to do. Chuck bought a sprayer and began by hand spraying two acres of farmland.  I am so proud of him for doing that. We have been here five years and I can thankfully say that the yard itself is free of this cursed weed. The vegetable garden however is a different story today picking tomatoes I picked up one...It is an ongoing battle but we are going to make it. 

Clemson Extension Link for information on this and other weeds here

Article by Tony Melton on this subject here

Oh did I tell you now that we have this new weed to come up in the garden:


This is a tough one too! But we are going to get rid of it day by day.
Oh the simple life....

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