Sep 2, 2011

Spotlight: Martha Richburg Dimery & Her Chicken Cake

You know Facebook does in fact bring people together. Recently I met Martha Richburg Dimery. She was Chuck's friend, they have known each other for a good number of years. She knew him when he worked at the police department.

Then later at hospital where she worked with him. I found out that she was from Timmonsville and that her brother Donnie was in my class in school. It is a small world indeed.
Martha is a very talented person.  Talented in many ways not only does she play a banjo and is called Banjo Lady, but she makes the most beautifully decorated cakes. We focus today on her chicken cake and the story behind it as she tells it. Thank you Martha.

I always liked chickens...My grandmother..Agnes Garner...Timmonsville, S. C....the old Saverance farm.....used to take me with her to the chicken yard and we would feed and gather eggs.....and I would watch her..with pity in my she caught the chickens and rung their necks ...they would flop around on the ground and die ..She would pluck their feathers and then singe the smaller feathers off....clean them and cook them and it was the best fried chicken in the whole wide world....Sad for the chickens...but great memories for me...

Thank you Martha for such a wonderful story!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'll be poking around here too!
    Have a great weekend

  2. I remember the ringing of the necks myself; Grandma Annie Hill doing all that to have chicken salad for her church Circle meeting. Those are memories I'd like to forget, but I still make her chicken salad and it's wonderful. Loved Martha's story too."
    Diane Hill Anderson

  3. Thanks Niki, As we say here in South Carolina, come back anytime!