Oct 5, 2011

Pee Dee State Farmers Market Fall Festival 2011 Continued


Mr. Ed Hutto

I sat in this furniture and spoke with Mr. Hutto.  He was a very
pleasant and likeable man and his furniture is top notch. It was very comfortable.  It was easy to get out of, I say this because he said to me,"Dolly just sit and see how easy it is to get out of". Well it is and I like it! I could easily have taken a nap. This is made from cyprus wood and he told me it is better to stain this than paint it. It should last a very long time.
He is in St. Matthews but worth the trip to buy quality Wood Products. I just may have to pay Mr. Ed a visit one day soon....Come on inside to see all of the nice vendors....

I stopped, spoke briefly with this gentleman from Old Plantation.  I took the pictures.  Don't you just love the little building setup of this display?
I have not yet tried his products, but he is nearby in Coward so there is a possibility.  I have to say it was like a morning in an old country store.  Every time I walked by someone was talking to him.
It was like that the entire festival day too.  He was constantly talking with people, so you have to figure he must be a pretty likable man and they want to know or already know about his products.

Love this building

So cute

Old Fashioned Syrup . Molasses . BBQ Sauce
Distributed by: Russ Brothers Farm
Coward, S. C.

Southwest Pottery

Specializing In Mexican, Vietnamese, and Malaysian Pottery
Retail, Wholesale, and Consulting

Gwen left, Owner Southwest Pottery and Mama 'Dot"

Cute Dot loves this one

This one too

Loved all of the pottery!

Today October 6, 2011 
Wolfe Gardens Facebook

These ladies have the most unusual plants, so healthy, and reasonably priced too.
They will be at the Market on Saturdays through the Winter Months

Mama and Gwen looking at the plants

Beautiful, just beautiful!  Check out this booth when at the farmer's market, you won't be disappointed.


  1. How fun!!! There are some great finds there

  2. That place is one of my weaknesses. I could spend hours and hours there looking, buying for the gardens at home...I love your name Dirt Princess..Thanks for stopping by..

  3. My most favorite place i've ever been to - Charleston SC. Oh, what i would give to be able to visit again! Thanks so much for sharing over here at Fishtail Cottage's Outdoor Fall party so i could come peek around! xoox, tracie

  4. Well I sure am glad you came by to visit. Come back anytime Tracie