Oct 4, 2011

Lawhon's Produce and Plants

Pee Dee State Farmers Market
Fall Festival 2011

Lawhon's Produce and Plants are at the market
six days a week Monday thru Saturday
Randy Lawhon
Market (843) 661-2665
Cell (843) 992-4319

Butter Beans          Dixie Lee Peas          Boiled Peanuts         Squash        collards
lots more too numerous to name.....                         

The Lawhon
Group are such a happy and helpful bunch of people.
I enjoy shopping at this vendor. I also love the fact that they tell you when and where their produce comes from. Most of it is grown locally. When they get something that is not local they inform you of that right away and I like that too.
The festivals at the market are such fun always. I have to say though that I truly enjoyed this little fellow and his excitement on festival day. He stole my heart.  Well they all did, just look at the smiles on all of their faces!

John Lawhon

Little Randy and Pam Lawhon

Randy Lawhon

Somer Lawhon


Josh English

Amy English

Somer at work


I just love white pumpkins

I guess I love all colors

If you are looking for fresh, great tasting produce then take at trip out to our farmers market.
It is the freshest outside of picking your own out of a field.
The price is always better and we all need to eat more vegetables.
It is time for the fresh leafy greens, such as mustard, turnips, kale and of course here in the south you have to have collards.

Look at the colors on the mums are they not beautiful?  Those along with a tray or two with pansies and add pumpkins bails of hay.....oh corn stalks too...
I am beginning to have a new found love for the Fall Season......

See you at the market!

Mama and Gwen having a great time!

Mama Smiling and looking for just the right gourd and pumpkin!

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  1. I love white pumpkins too! Need to find some around here.

  2. Hello Dolly - lovely to meet you! I am so very pleased! Pam is my sister. She, her husband Randy and their son have done such a tremendous job at their market! Thank you for sharing them with us - terrific post! :D

  3. Hi Susanne, hope you find your white pumpkins too...

  4. Hi Kathy,
    It is so nice to meet you!! Thanks for the compliment but you have a wonderful family. That makes it easy to share.