Oct 3, 2011

Master Gardener Program

Pee Dee State Farmers Market
Fall Festival 2011

While visiting the market I ran into three nice ladies, who are Master Gardeners.

  Janet Smith, Janet Bugbee, and Velma Floyd

I have for years wanted to take the Master Gardener Class but have continued to procrastinate.  These ladies told me of a new class to be held in January of next year. Tony Melton will be the teacher.  I may just have to go and you all might as well join me for class!

This volunteer training program is administered by the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service.

The SC master Gardener Program is divided into two parts: instruction and service.  In the first part, participants receive at least 40 hours of intensive, practical horticultural training.  A few of the following topics are covered in the program:

.  Soils and Plant Nutrition

.  Basic Plant Pathology, Physiology and Entomology

.  Vegetable Gardening

.  Tree and Small Fruit Culture

.  Culture of woody Ornamentals

.  Lawn Management

.  Basic Landscape Design

.  Problem Solving

After successfully completing the classroom portion, which involves regular attendance and passing a final exam, participants receive the title of "Master Gardener". The Master Gardener graduates then donate at least 40 hours of service to complete the last part of the program.
You may volunteer at the Clemson Extension Office or in the community.  These volunteer activities are coordinated through the local county Extension office.

Check out the website to find a Master Gardener Program that is located in your county.

How Can I Become a Master Gardener? 
If you have the desire, commitment and time to learn and want to put your knowledge and skills to work through volunteer service, then apply for admission to the Master Gardener program.
Contact Janet Bugbee 843-346-9272 or janetbugbee@gmail.com

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  1. Wow, that sounds so cool! If I didn't have 3 kids at home pulling me every which way, I would look into something like that around here. I will have to do that when they get older and move on outta the house, lol.

    So for now, I will learn with you. =]