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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Video Tribute to Pearl Fryar

Next I will have a post Pearl's Garden with pictures taken in his garden
Today however we present:    A Video Tribute to Pearl Fryar

**Note** Go to bottom of page and pause music to hear the videos**
ETV Roadshow  Pearl Fryar's Topiary

Trailer to A Man Named Pearl

More about "A Man Named Pearl"   Ovation TV Coker College Footage

Sneak Peek that was shown on Oprah's OWN Network

Oprah Talks About Pearl Fryar

Planting Hope Pearl Fryar Scholarship Fund

John Deere Commercial

The Local Legend: Pearl Fryar

Last but certainly not least Pearl and Martha Stewart. She paid a visit to his Garden in Bishopville, SC  Click this picture to go to that video
Topiary Garden

HGTV Tour America's Gardens 22 minutes long.

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  1. What a breathtaking garden and an amazing story. I like his analogy about his garden being his ministry. He is cultivating souls as well as any preacher by simply sharing joy and love in his topiary sculpture. There is no better message than love and peace. Thanks Dolly for sharing such a beautiful, uplifting story.

  2. It sure is isn't it.. I like that too about the ministry. He is an inspiration isn't he? Thank you Heidi for always visiting!

  3. I visited Mr. Fryer's Gardens in the fall. They are truly amazing and he is a inspiration!