Feb 29, 2012

Farmgirl Sisterhood

I am now a member of MaryJanes Farmgirl Sisterhood 

Member # 3883
I chose this for my farmgirl picture
it is from a Simplicity Pattern 
It must be out of print, but I found it on Ebay so guess I'll make it.
Isn't it cute?  I love to garden, to cook and love aprons just like my grandmama.

Farmgirl Sisterhood
click on this picture for more information

Farmgirl in wide-brimmed black hat and with a red necktie - Join Us
Where did this Sisterhood originate?

MaryJane Butters
MaryJanes Farm

Check out the website for more information

This is a wonderful video to watch about MaryJanesFarm

Where did I first hear that name?  It was at our local Belk Store. My daughters and I love her merchandise. The towels, the comforters, the pillows everything is so soft to the touch.  Organic cotton I love the look and feel of it and that is what she uses. 

Belk - MaryJane's
MaryJane's Home Chenille Bedspread Collection

This is my Henrietta Patch.
 I am thinking now of how to embroider and what I am going to put it on

Maybe Chuck will let me place this on his truck?

My certificate

Wonderful Blogs from Farmgirl Sisterhood
I am excited because my blogs are a part of this too!
painting of a woman holding a chick
brought to you by MaryJanesFarm

This really is fun kinda like girl scouts for women!
I am so new to this still learning.

This Friday I will be having one of my dear Farmgirl Sisters
in Hibiscus House Spotlight
She is a very talented writer and such a genuinely nice person.
She is a beautiful person inside and out.

Until then have a wonderful day......



  1. Glad you joined. You'll learn a lot, meet many wonderful farmgirls and have lots of fun.

  2. Well that's really cool Dolly, congratulations!! You would make the perfect farmgirl sisterhood! =] I have been to her site a few times and checked out a few of the farmgirls and always mean to go back when I have more time. Well, I need to make the time.

    Congrats and have a delightful week~

  3. Dolly.... you made me cry... in a GOOD way! No wonder we're friends! :)
    Welcome to the MJF farmgirl sisterhood! Oh, what fun we'll have along the trail together!
    Love ya!

  4. Congratulations Dolly,
    I love being a farmgirl too. I just got my first merit badge... Have a great week. I am looking forward to your Friday spotlight article.

  5. Eeeekk...squeals of delight ;) :) I'm a MaryJane Farmgirl Sisterhood member, too...#2176 :) :) :) Welcome :) :) It's such a fun place to hang out and learn cool stuff :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  6. Love that you are a farmgirl. I have been going to join for a while. I follow all the farmgirl blogs and have all the books and get the magazine in my mailbox. What has been keeping me from joining?! I have that very pattern that you are using for a button. Actually took a copy of the the front and back planning on making one for my Mom in Love for her birthday.

  7. Dolly, I subscribe to Mary Jane's magazine and love it. I just haven't taken the time to find out more about the sisterhood. I think you've inspired me to investigate it further. And I love the apron pattern!

  8. Hey! I will subscribe! I think this is great! I love Mary Jane's products at Belk! I will check it out! Thanks so much for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday - such a joy!

  9. by the way - the apron pattern is fabulous! LOVE IT!

  10. I like the picture you chose for your Farmgirl Sisterhood picture. I think I have that same pattern. The picture would make a GREAT charm! :)