May 9, 2012

Tour of Dot's Spring Garden Part One: Red

Dot is my mama. I love her dearly and she can grow anything. Her yard work is her pleasure, and she can outwork me in the yard any day. I wish I had her energy and she is twenty years older.  As long as I can remember she has always taken we children around the yard on a tour. There is a show that we have on SCETV called Making It Grow that she has loved from it's very beginning.

We knew even as grown children that when that show was on to be especially quiet.  We of course being young talked and laughed we were so bad just to get her attention.. We did hush after a short while.  Little did I know that as we became older we also would love to garden and enjoy that show.
Her yard is so full that I took 149 photos in one morning so we are having a series of Dot's Flowers...
First in the series is Dot's Red Flower Garden.  Are you ready to take the tour? 

Happy Mother's Day Mama
 I love you!

Below click on the links below for Dot's Spring Gardening Tours
Tour of Dot's Gardens Part One:  The Red Gardens
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Tour of Dot's Gardens Part Five:  The Garden Furniture


  1. Beautiful flowers ! My mum was also a wonderful gardener and loved it , as for me I just do what I can guess that gene didnt really pass to me lol not like she. Lovely photos. Have a good day !

  2. Oh my, those are lovely flowers, especially the last one with that beautiful smile. She is truly a beauty inside and out!! You are blessed and so is she.

  3. What a lovely yard. You can tell she loves gardening in her yard. So beautiful.

  4. Your Mother's red flowers are all beautiful. Now I know where you get your green thumb and love of gardening from. I am excited to see the rest of her garden. Happy Mother's Day to your mom Dot!

  5. Really beautiful flowers Dolly...I can't wait to see more...So, that's where you get your gardening talents from?! Love it!

  6. Your mom's flowers are so lovely! I just found your beautiful blog and of course, I'm now following! Be blessed! Happy Mother's Day to Mom!