May 16, 2012

Tour of Dot's Spring Garden Part Three: Yard Ornaments

Good Morning and welcome to the Tour of Yard Ornaments.
This is the third in Dot's Spring Garden Tour Series. 

The King of the Garden

She puts lots of ornaments around for her grandchildren and great grandchildren they love them. It also gives them a love and excitement for gardening.

She might not want me showing her blue work bucket, but even that is part of her gardening.

Does he not steal your heart?

She is so precious up close

The little boys love these

I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I enjoy her flowers.   We have lots of pictures so I will close for now. I thank you for taking the tour and want to let you know we have a few more sections left to tour.
Enjoy your beautiful day!

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  1. Oh it all looks wonderful . I do like garden ornaments as well . I am slowly getting my gardens and porches set up things have been slow this year cause of the weird weather we had. Have a good day !

  2. As Country Gal said, things are slow this year. weird weather and other things have kept projects from completion. Love this garden! Perhaps if we had a rooster like that one pictured, it could get along with my husband!!! Love those purple flowers and that old fashioned Lantana!!!