Jun 17, 2012

A Worm in Every Ear

He was The Statue of Liberty

This past weekend was both busy and wonderful. My family spent it with me.  We had such a good time.  I had a bushel of Seneca Chief Corn and of Dixie Lee Peas to shuck and shell.  I was glad to have their help. This little one had never shucked corn nor shelled peas before so it was quite an experience. 

I think he likes it.

Baby brother  just ate and relaxed.
He is such a good natured baby you can just put him anywhere 
and he is happy.

It used to be a running joke at our house that
there was a worm in every ear of corn....

A boy's dream come true 
a worm, in fact lots of worms...


Look what was playing on the bowl
of peas.

I think he had a really good time, in fact
he didn't want to go home.

We took a break after all of the hard work
to eat lunch.

Cleaning the corn

Blanching the corn

Ready to be put into freezer bags 

I hope you all had a Happy Father' Day and hope
that you have a great week ahead.

Until next time,



  1. That Phillip is just the cutest thing, and where did you get those Dixie Lee peas?

  2. Thank you Jane! We don't have our garden this year so buying...ugh but Mr. Watford down the road has some and right now they are beautiful.

  3. We have found many worms in born! I hear if you drip oil on the silk that it prevents them.. like vege oil, not motor oil

    1. Wow, Kathy what a great idea! I will put this in my gardening journal for next time. Thanks!