Jul 3, 2012

Catie's Trip Across Country

We have just celebrated our 235th year of independence and isn't it wonderful?  We are such a blessed country and people.  We are so blessed in fact until we tend to take that for granted. Let us stop and think about how God has and continues to bless us.
Catie had such a beautiful trip across country from Oregon to South Carolina.  She was lucky to have had this experience.  I would love to do that, travel through so many states. To see the snow capped mountains, the valleys, the flat lands, the desert, the monuments, the way of life how different we all are in different parts of the country and yet how very much the same we are.


Crazy Horse Monument

Still Montana


Montana is a huge state

South Dakota

(yes her head is up there with theirs, that is my clown)


Crazy Horse Memorial

Face of Crazy Horse
 Korczak Sculptor

Missouri River Bridges of South Dakota
National Historic Landmark

Tee Pee near Rapid City South Dakota

St Louis Gateway Arch


  1. That's a lot of traveling, how lucky she is! I see the arch photo. She was not too far from us. Thanks for sharing, love the photos.

  2. Glad you got to visit South Dakota. I love our state and it makes me smile everytime I see that someone has wandered through.

  3. Oh wow, that's my dream to travel from coast to coast on the north route and back again on the south route! Looks like Catie got to see lots of amazing things, never knew there was a statue of Crazy Horse, it's amazing. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I found your link at 2805's Potpourri party. Hugs ~ Mary