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Tammy Hinton
A finalist for Western Writers of America 
and Western Fictioneers New Author for 2012

Author, Unbridled

And now in her own words:

I must say my life has been a roller coaster of events.  My father and former husband were career Air Force, which meant we moved from coast to coast, border to border, and to Japan and Okinawa.  Along these many roads traveled, I absorbed the local history and stored it away on my human data disc not knowing it would be put to use in the future.

Growing up I was not an avid reader.  That would have meant sitting still.  I was that tomboy running around the playground slapping her side, pretending to ride a horse.  I played cowboy and indians from dawn to dust, except on Saturdays.  On Saturdays I watched Hoppy, Roy Rogers, Annie Oakley, Sky King, etc. until my Dad was tired of it and changed the channel to golf.  That's all it took to shoo me out the door.  My sister and I then headed for the local movie house with our quarter and a Sugar Daddy, where we spend the afternoon at the double feature.

Although I never thought of it that way, writing has been a part of my life during my career.  Anyone who writes business letters, manuals, or presentations is an author.  The potential to write is there.  When I started reading romances I used to think, "I can do that."  Believe me it's harder than I thought.

About fifteen years ago I started doing genealogy.  My husband would say I became "obsessed" with genealogy.  While my family is typical of every American family, I thought their struggle in the new land would make an interesting story.  With these tales in tow I started writing.  I love to combine fiction and facts to write what I call "faction."  I enjoy talking to readers at book signings and hear what they found the most fascinating in what I wrote.  They also tell me their family stories.  These I store again on my internal disc for future reference.

I have a degree in history but that's not necessary to write.  What is necessary is the "fire in your belly" to accept criticism and still be able to go on writing.  I hope this inspires your readers to share their stories.  I can't wait to read them.

Tammy Hinton
Author, Unbridled


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Tammy that is such a cute endearing story of your life and interests.  I enjoyed learning more about you as a person and look forward to reading this wonderful book.  Readers you have a chance to own this book because Tammy has graciously offered to give a copy away for one lucky person.
Thank you Tammy.

Ok friends make a comment on this post to enter to win the book
"Unbridled" by Tammy Hinton
That is all there is to it, no gimmick, no catch.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous summer read - thanks for offering this giveaway. Mary

Susan said...

Hi Dolly....Okay, put my name in the hat! I was so happy to put yours in my Giveaway, too. Name will be drawn tomorrow morning. Have a good day and try to stay cool! Susan

Kristina said...

Thanks for sharing. The book looks very interesting.

Sharon Ervin said...

I already have a print copy of UNBRIDLED, also a Kindle copy. I will NOT be loaning the print copy to either of my lovely, reader daughters. Wonderful girls. They are both generous to a fault, especially when it comes to sharing books. No deals, girls. This one is mine to keep and it's signed. No confusion. Love the book, Tammy, and the interview.

Honey at 2805 said...

What a sweet giveaway, and interesting book and author! I do genealogy research and find it to be so interesting. My husband's is a direct decent of settlers that came long before the revolutionary war. It's quite interesting and I guess I should write about it someday!

Thank you for sharing your your resent posts at Potpourri Party at 2805! It's nice to catch up!

Candy C. said...

Thanks for doing this giveaway and please sign me up! :)

Nancy said...

This book looks awesome and I'd love to win!

What an interesting lady -- I enjoyed learning about her. xo