Apr 19, 2013

That is Some Hole!

He struck water!
That is one happy boy.

 He was on a mission and worked for two days digging that hole and helping me in the garden.
He did this non stop.  

I didn't get a picture of him standing in the hole when he hit water.
It was getting dark by that time.

 Look at that face!
He said I'm going to dig and hit water
(Mimi helped just a little about 4 hole digger scoops and we hit water) 
He really worked hard and had so much fun!

This is proof of his hard work I laughed so hard.
How I love that boy!

This was great I needed to try out the new laundry detergents that I had just made.
This made it easier to see if they would work or not..(Laundry Detergent Review)

I had forgotten the sheer joy of being outside and playing.  This young one reminded me and I'm glad he did.  I wanted to share the love of gardening with him and he did enjoy it.  He amazed me when he worked so long and so hard.

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I have to tell you of our latest adventure. Yesterday he came over and wanted to go on a safari.  We have an old railroad spot on the property.  The tracks are gone, but it is as he described it a jungle tunnel. There was a lot of poison ivy/oak we will clean that out later.

He found a little clearing in the woods on the side of the property and wanted to go in there.  I didn't see any poison ivy so off we go with the loppers. We cleared a good bit of old dead brush and limbs that would hit us.  We have started a path in our jungle.  I have to admit if I had a bush knife it couldn't have been any more fun than lopping our way through the woods together.

Have a great weekend!


  1. He did work hard. Boy your water table is not that deep. That is great. Trees must love that there.

  2. Sooo cute, Dolly!! I can't wait to see mine in a few weeks - we're going fishing, having a fire in the yard, playing video games and eating all the stuff their parents' won't let them eat!!

  3. Sweet memories Dolly.... He is such a cutie pie! Maybe a farmer in the making too...Love to hear you are still " playing "!

  4. You can see from the pictures that he had a great time with grandma. Looks like you have welcomed another farmer to the world.

  5. Cute! That took a lot of work. Have a good week end.

  6. Children bring us back to life--the one they have not left. Blessings, they are!