Dec 4, 2013

D'Arceau-Limoges: Daisy


Quite a few years ago I found a wonderful collection of well, French Collector Plates.  I really like them and have yet to find a home for them. Maybe that will come one day soon, but until then I will share them each with you.  They are from the collection "Women of the Century"

One of a limited series of collector plates celebrating special "Women of the
Century" commemorating 100 years of Paris Fashion.  a tribute by FR. Ganeau in fine-art porcelain to the Ascendance of Western Women in the Hundred Years of Paris Fashion. This plate was first issued to coincide with the United Nation's Women's Year

This is Daisy  la Garconne la Femme Rebelle 1925
Daisy is a rebel, smoking and wearing her roaring 20's dress, arm garter and headband.  She has seamed stocking and high stilettos on as she walks in long strides down the road with her scarf flying behind her.

Limited Edition Porcelain Collector's Plate
Painted by French Artist Francois Ganeau 1865-1965
Back of plate features the D'arceau-Limoges Logo and Certificate of Authenticity 
The back is hand initialed JL with the french story of this piece

Each seems to have such a personality.
I used this one recently while taking pictures of a recipe


  1. Beautiful plates, I love unique patterns!

    1. Thanks Kathy! I seem to be a plate collector although without my knowledge. I'm laughing because blogging lets you see yourself as you really are ...even if we don't realize it. I found these at a time when they were quite expensive but now it seems they are a dime a dozen. I still like them we are women and these tell the story of women through the times. Always good to hear from you!

  2. Hello Dolly! I love your plate and I love what the artist has to say about Daisey. I find history of fashion to be fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at the HomeAcre Hop. We'd love to have you back again tomorrow.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I know I do too. These plates are so cute and I like that they do tell the story of women through the times in fashion...Thank you for the invitation and I love the HomeAcre Hop.

  3. Hi Dolly, Thanks for sharing the French Plates. My Mom collected a small amount of plates when I was growing up and now I've inherited them. I always enjoyed them but now I find myself looking at all kinds of plates. I think what intrigues me the most is how the finer porcelain manufacturers are able to translate the artist's work onto a medium like porcelain or china. I guess one the things makes it attractive is the accessibility to such fabulous work. Thanks again Dolly (nice website by the way :)

    1. Hi Jim,
      I'll bet you have a great collection. You do make a great point and I have never really thought about it in that way. They do make it so easy for us to own the works. If only I could decide what to do with my collections. Do you display your collection? Thank you for the wonderful compliment. Please visit again anytime.