Apr 26, 2014

Spotlight Story: Karen Lynn Thompson

Karen Lynn

Karen Lynn is a blogger at Lil’ Suburban Homestead .  She and her husband who she calls the “Viking” are beekeepers, raise chickens, and supplement their diet with organic food that they grow all on a 1/3 of an acre. 

They are passionate about creating processes and coming up with inventive ways to keep things simple and seamless as they both work full time outside the home.  

They love living in Coastal North Carolina and always try to make time to attend festivals and enjoy local musicians a favorite being bluegrass.  

They have been embarking on wine making adventures this year and there will be plenty more new posts to come on this topic!  

More recently Karen Lynn has joined “The Survival Mom” radio network where her show airs every Thursday and they share their Suburban Homesteading Adventures with everyone!  My show is called Lil' Suburban Homestead with Karen Lynn here it is:  http://radio.thesurvivalmom.com/karenlynn/

1.  What type work do you do?
I am a Technology Coordinator at an elementary school.  I design websites, fix computers, and run a weekly broadcast (tv show) for our students.

2.  What do you like about beekeeping?

I was the reluctant beekeeper at first but now I love hearing the hum of the bees and I am not fearful I know that I am helping them as all of our beekeeping practices are completely natural and organic we use no pesticides or any chemicals I know I am helping to make their world a better place.

3.  Is it hard to do?

My husband carries the largest burden with our beekeeping I am still learning but I think anyone can get the hang of it!  Lots of beginners were in our beekeeping classes and they took off with their beekeeping.  You have to stay calm and if you have any nervous energy leave it in the house ;)

4.  What do you love most about living in this beautiful area?

We love living here in coastal North Carolina as we are close to the ocean for boating and fishing and we have a great downtown area and lots of festivals and local music.

5.  Tell us about your farm and what do you like to grow?
We live on a 1/3 of an acre in suburbia!  My favorite veggies are peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant almost everything to make ratatouille :)
6.   What does your family like to do for fun?
Fishing, Football, and Music
Our son is a Varsity Football Player, Our daughter is a musician, and my son, husband and I all love to fish.  My husband and I both love to bargain hunt.  

7.  What do you consider to be your best talents attributes? 
Our creativity and resourcefulness we had to do without for so many years with us mastering "Frugality skills" we learned to live a lifestyle that is rich and full of good friends, a great community, and delicious organic food, eggs, and honey!

8.  What do you enjoy?

I really enjoy our chickens, they are so much fun to me.  I love to write and do my radio show!
9. Why do you call your place Homestead?  
My motto is "If you have a home your a homesteader"....My definition of homesteading is someone who is self reliant and grow a lot of our own food, raise bees, and chickens and are always looking for ways to be more self reliant.

9.  Tell us about your Homestead.

Currently we have 7 chickens, 4 chicks, 3 bee hives, 1 dog, and 1 cat we love all of them and they know it!  Our dog River is like one of our children and we have a black cat I love black cat's I'm not suspicious at all.

10.  What are the most important things in life to you?

Faith and Family these are the two things in my life that have seen me through! 

 I'd like to thank Karen Lynn for being our Hibiscus House Spotlight Story of the week.
She is the first in our new Homestead Series.
Welcome Karen!
Isn't she something else?  Look at what you can do with 1/3 acre!  There is no excuse not to have and do what you love if you don't set limitations Karen is an inspiration isn't she?
You can find this busy lady over at her excellent Lil' Suburban Homestead blog:   Lil' Suburban Homestead
Lil' Suburban Homestead Facebook

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  1. Dolly thank you so much for this beautiful write up on me and my blog you totally captured our life and you have such a beautiful blog! I loved being featured and can't wait to see who is next!!!!

    1. It is I that am thankful to you. You have a wonderful story and I am glad you shared it with us!

  2. How wonderful to pause and read to learn about Karen Lynn. She and her family have plenty of chores on their calendar. Good work!
    Cheers, izzi~avis

    1. I'm so glad you did! Thank you too! Cheers to you izzi-Avis

    2. Thanks so much SolarBizzi for you to take the time and pause and read :) I appreciate meeting new friends on the journey!

  3. She is also a wonderful friend and co-worker!

    1. Hello Lisa,
      It is a small world! The two of you know each other! How are things going over your way? How are things over at The Way Grandmama Does it? Karen leads an interesting life and such nice compliments you gave her! I'm smiling!

    2. Lisa that is so kind of you to say! Lisa and I have so much in common we both love to garden and family is important to both of us! With one exception Lisa has that "Martha Stewart" thing going on where everything she touches turns out beautiful! I don't have that......going for me LOL!