Apr 29, 2014

Where Did You Come From?

This Iris is so very pretty.  I wish I knew the name.  Do you plant something and then forget about it until one day it begins to bloom.  What a beautiful surprise.  Iris are such delicate beauties.

Look at these colors.  Do you grow iris?  I haven't planted that many here at Hibiscus House.  I keep saying that I'll go over to the other house and dig up some of the old iris from there.  I must do that.  

You may have noticed in the background the amaryllis and they have a very special meaning 
to Chuck.  these belonged to his grandmother whom he called "Ma"
I have to share a picture of them.

I was just writing about the flowers from the other house and my daughter 
sent these wonderful pictures of the Queen Elizabeth Rose that has been there for over
twenty five years.  It is a very pretty rose.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I pray the weather is better for all.


  1. They look so pretty. Because of my husbands job we moved a round a lot ,so were are always planting a new.

    1. Your place is so beautiful and that view is breathtaking..I'll bet you wake up every morning to the most beautiful sight! Lucky girl. We've been here for 8 years but those years were so full of other responsibilities that I haven't been able to plant all I'd like but that can be for the future! DId you get tired of moving or was it just a part of your life?

  2. I love irises. I have some that are a beautiful lemon yellow color and they are probably my favorites. I have several of the purple ones, too. You have some gorgeous flowers there! I don't have nearly the gardens here that I have had at some of our other homes. xo Diana

    1. I do too Diana, they are so pretty. I used to just take them for granted. I don't have the pretty yellow here but do at the other home...I may have to go dig one up. I'll bet you have left a pretty garden at every home you've lived in. Thank you Diana. xo

  3. I've done that- something pops up in the garden that I didn't remember planting. Even better is when a volunteer arrives and you actually like it.

  4. What do you recommend to plant in a shady area? I would love to plant bulbs that come back year after year but not sure what does well in a part shade/part afternoon sun area. Thanks for any suggestions. You do look like a professional!

    1. Lisa,
      In the South I remember my Mama planting Dahlia's and having them in part shade. We're in South Carolina.
      Light/Watering: Dahlias are at their best when grown in full sun in the North, afternoon shade in the South. Do not water until growth appears above the ground; once plants are established, a deep watering twice a week will get them through summer dry periods.
      I have some dutch iris and they can do well in half shade...
      It seems that most will do fair with half shade. Hyacinths and some daffodils do alright in half shade. I'm sorry but with an online search you may be able to find more. I wish I were an expert in this field..Thanks