Jun 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

My Daddy Carl and  Mama Dot

I miss my daddy so very much and of course mama who I lost not long ago.  I like to picture them in Heaven having the best time and smiling just like they did here on earth, only bigger!

Daddy, was such an easy going man.  He loved his children very much.  He was a brave man who had fought with one of the most courageous units in WWII.  Men wrote me letters from his unit all of this after his death about his caring nature.  He would give up his treats to the kids around no matter what country.
He survived two ships sinking in WWII.  I'm glad that God blessed him to live and continue on to have his children.
Amalfi, Italy

 Foot of Mt Versuvius

 Secret Unit attached to many units but called the artillery to Darby's Rangers

He was short in stature but by no means was he small.  He was like a lion and you didn't want to cross him.  A truer friend you would never find.

He spoke few words and when he did he spoke as if he were "cajun".  He wasn't of course.
I do remember a few things he said that stand out in my mind.  I'll share them with you now.

Don't talk so much.  Listen and you just might learn something.

So think you, so be you.

If you don't do anything, then you won't make any mistakes.

Do the best you can do, no matter what it is you do.

 Some of his happiest times spent working in his shop with his dogs and family around.

Daddy stayed close to home.  He worked from home.  He was there for we children when we were home for the summer .  That gave Mama the freedom to go out get a job. With 5 kids she didn't have to pay for day care which at the time did not exist.  Most women stayed at home.  She was a stay at home mom for a long time.  Oh, I forgot to mention that she got off at the same time we kids got out of school so, she was still at home. 

I could ramble on and on all day but I'll stop here except to say this:  Don't let another minute go by without telling your loved ones how you feel.  A minute is all the time it takes for them to be gone.  
Enjoy every minute of every day.

Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers out there!


  1. Dolly, I enjoyed reading about your dad and it sounds like he was quite a man. In your photo, you look just like him! I was thinking about my dad yesterday. I lost him when I was 20 years old. He died from complications from emphysema. Needless to say, I don't smoke and hate to be around anyone who does. Of course, when he started smoking, no one knew the dangers associated with it. He became hooked and could never kick the habit. He was a good man and a great father to me.

    1. Jane, Thank you. I do miss him so much. I never noticed that we looked that much alike until I was grown and he had passed away. I saw a picture of me sitting under one of these and it hit me. Wow, I look just like him. I see Mama in me too now. I'm so sorry that you lost your Dad so young. I hate smoking and what it does to people. I lost daddy to lung cancer. He smoked too and you are right they didn't know the hazards of smoking. Everybody smoked back then it seems. Mine finally stopped but it was too late. The materials used in fixing automobiles at the time also were cancer causing. He worked a lot with asbestos working on some makes and models and race cars. I'll bet you did have a great father and mother. Just look at you!!!