Jun 13, 2014

Lone Star Let's Go Out The Back Door!

Welcome to another post about this fabulous place.  Step back in time with me.  This will be a fun tour if you like old buildings and memorabilia from the South.

Love it!  Signs!  Old buildings built high off the ground!
Join me won't you.

Stepping out of the back door onto this cute dining porch.

Looking back into the porch.
I just love the screened in porch and the screen door.  I have such fond memories of being at my grandparents' homes and their porches and screen doors.  I can hear that screen door opening and closing now.  I also can hear them saying to we grandchildren, "Don't slam the door", or "Come in or out and shut the door."

Look at this gold mine!  Love the building, the tools and the equipment!
I think I need to crop this and get a closer look, don't you?

Yes that is better!  I can remember having to take a bath in one of those tin tubs in the background. 
Southern Memories!

Whoa!  What do we have here?  Oh yes as a chicken lover this is gorgeous to me!
My girls would love this building and all of these nesting boxes!

I just had to get more shots of this building...

Now just look at this....
I see note cards in my future for my shops!

Yes one more!

Back of another of the wonderful old buildings

Last but certainly not least the Outhouse!
Do you know what this is?  Have you ever been inside one?
I have.  My memories are not very favorable so I'll keep them to myself.

My granddaddy held onto his outhouse for as long as he could.
The family had to talk him out of it.  He couldn't fathom having water and a bathroom inside.
He by that time had gotten dementia and that didn't help.
We finally convinced him that it was alright to have indoor plumbing.

This concludes today's tour back in time.  I hope you enjoyed your journey into the past.

I'll have at least one more picture post coming soon.

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  1. I really enjoyed your photos and I'm thinking -- I have a couple of galvanized tubs too. My husband is going to get knee surgery and won't be able to fully bathe for a couple of day. Maybe I'll just haul him into the garage and have him half stand in that tub to get clean ! LOL Really, it was to wash cocker spaniels and worked out nicely.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I think that is a good idea! I can really remember that we had to take a bath in those tubs! I hope his surgery goes well.