Sep 13, 2014

It's National Peanut Day

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I didn't realize that today was peanut day.  Did you?  Well let's see, have any of you ever drank a bottle of Coke or Pepsi with peanuts in it?  You must try it but please find a glass bottle coke to do this with.  Guess it will have to be the small coke...That is the best for the sweet and salty tastes together.
I enjoyed this treat in high school especially.  We would go to canteen the highlight of the day.  Socialize eat and drink your snack because you were finally old enough to go to the Canteen!
I found out a few interesting facts about peanuts, so come on along with me.

Fun Peanut Facts From The National Peanut Board

Did you know that:

We had two peanut farmers for presidents.  You probably know about Jimmy Carter but do you know the other?  Alright I'll tell you it was Thomas Jefferson!

There are six cities in the US named Peanut...Peanut, California; Lower Peanut, Pennsylvania; Upper Peanut, Pennsylvania; Peanut, Pennsylvania; Peanut, Tennessee; and Peanut, West Virginia.

Well which do you prefer smooth or chunky peanut butter?
Women and children usually prefer creamy and men usually opt for chunky.

Nutrition Facts

  • Peanuts have more protein, niacin, folate and phytosterols than any nut.

  • Peanuts and peanut butter contain over 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients.

  • Peanuts are naturally cholesterol-free.
  • click here to read the rest of very interesting facts about peanuts.  In fact you may enjoy more of them after you find out how good they are for you...

Peanut Brittle

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Have you ever had peanut brittle?  It is a candy confection...I don't have it a lot but want some now...Ok so it is not real good for you but think of it as the peanuts are...I remember my Grandmama Cora taking me shopping with her and she loved her peanut brittle.

 I have to share this below it is about South Carolina!

A Brief History of The Boiled Peanut Charleston City Paper


Though boiled peanuts are now enjoyed throughout a broad swath of the South, their roots run deepest right here in South Carolina.
They arrived in the Lowcountry via a circuitous route. The plant originated in South America, and the Portuguese took it to Africa around 1500, just after they first came into contact with it in Brazil.

Peanuts arrived in the South sometime in the 18th century on slave ships, which were frequently provisioned with them for the voyage. In his 1809 history of South Carolina, David Ramsay noted To read more about this entry into our country click here 

Now let's talk about BOILED PEANUTS!  I love them and if you're from South Carolina you most probably do too!  They are South Carolina's Official Snack Food!  They are super delicious and filling the only trouble is you can't eat just one...I guess that is no problem because they are pretty good for you so you CAN eat more than one!

Crock Pot Recipe

Sometimes I fill up my electric crock pot with green peanuts and cook them overnight on low.  It holds about 6 quarts so I add at least 1/4 cup salt.  I cover and that's the easy way to do it.
You can cook in a large dutch oven pot cover with water add salt cook a couple of hours testing them from time to time for tenderness and sheer pleasure of it...careful they will be hot.

photo credit and Hot to Eat a Boiled Peanut

Until next time..
Happy National Peanut Day!


  1. I'm sorry but I just don't care for the taste of coke with peanuts in it, which is weird because I love Coke and I love salted peanuts, but not the peanuts dunked in the coke. I also love peanut butter and will eat it straight out of the jar, altho it has to be natural peanut butter not processed. I also love peanut butter cups, but they have to be frozen. I also like peanut butter cookies. And don't even get me started on peanut brittle because I will eat that by the boxful... LOL - well, that was a lot of info.

    Thanks for the fun post Dolly!

    1. Hey Kim,
      Just reading your comment made me want to go get a jar of peanut butter and eat some,...and the peanut butter cups....yummmy...yep cookies all time favorite...I haven't have any of the soft drinks with peanuts in years but loved it as a teenager...I just don't think it would be the same in a plastic bottle or can.....Oh gosh now I want peanut brittle right now...thanks for visiting ...xo

  2. Oh- No---Not Coke- Not Pepsi----It HAS to be RC Cola. lol I dated a good ole Suthern' boy and he insisted it had to be RC Cola! I loved it- but the peanuts had to be the salted kind! I like chunky peanut butter but don't eat much of it. Fun facts here today, Dolly- xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana....laughing RC Cola that was a cute story and I'm glad you shared. My grandaddy would always go to corner store buy an RC Cola and a moon pie. He would stand there and they would talk and talk while he drank that soda because as he told me every single time we went those glass bottles cost money...Good to hear from you!

  3. Interesting never heard of peanuts in Pepsi or RC ^^ either.
    I will give it a try.
    Love peanuts never put them in a crock pot though...
    This is why I love blogging..You always learn interesting things
    Love it...

    1. Hello Marissa!
      We used to as teenagers do this at break and I haven't really done it a lot since but I can remember liking it. I love blogging to because we do get to meet such nice friends don't we? Like you and your precious family!

  4. Hi Dolly, Peanuts, I don't think that I could get by without them, or I know life would not be quite so delicious:) I was one of those early baby-bloomer kids that lived on peanut-butter sandwiches in my little tin school lunch box. I am excited to find another apron fan. I wear them all the time. I'll be check your's out. I am your newest follower #132 and I would like to invite you over to follow me, too.
    Have a lovely week,
    Connie :)

  5. Hi Connie, You love them too I see! I'm glad you shared that with us...I can just imagine your peanut butter sandwiches in your lunch box..Alright another apron lover...I am so very glad to meet you and have joined Crafty Home Cottage and am going to see the other two too...Welcome new friend!

  6. Oh how I would love to eat peanuts again but with my diverticulitis, I can't have nuts or seeds unless I put them in a food processor and grind them to powder! Sort of defeats the purpose and would make the Coke pretty thick, LOL! I still love the cookies though, I can grind them up for that.