Jan 2, 2015

Christmas Punch

I haven't had punch in such a long time.  We just don't have it very often.  I had to go to the storage shed to pull this punch bowl set out.  Chuck and I received this punchbowl in 1972 it was one of two and it hasn't seen much use in a long time.  This is a punch everyone can drink.  It is very easy to make and quite good.  Today I share a recipe for Christmas Punch...

I need to explain that I made the mold with the punch mixture instead of something clear say like water...It would have shown up much better with a clear liquid. You can do either, although it won't make the display with same punch mixture as shown above.  The benefit of using the punch is that it won't affect the taste of the punch as it melts.  The mold had melted quite a bit by the time I decided to take this picture.  
An ice mold does keep the punch cold for hours though and is worth the effort to make one.

The following recipe is for a large amount of punch approximately 2 to 3 punch bowls full plus one mold if you choose.  You can adjust this recipe for your needs, as little or as much as you need.


CHILL juices and Ginger Ale/Sprite overnight
  • Large  1 Gal. jug of Hawaiian Punch
  • 2 envelopes of red Kool Aid your choice of flavors per punch bowl
  • 2 cans 46 oz. Dole Pineapple Juice
  • 1 89 oz jug of Tropicana  Homestyle Orange Juice
  • 2 --2Lt..Ginger Ale or Sprite
  • 1 cup sugar
  Optional:  Assorted fruit for fruit ice mold.  Make and freeze the mold the night before using.

ABOUT an hour before serving: 
ADD Same amount of each item except wait to add the Ginger Ale or Sprite (that will be added right before serving.)
**note**You can mix the following in a large 1 gal container if you wish and then pour into your punch bowl.
  1. Make 1 Kool-Aid Packet according to directions in a 2 qt. pitcher.  Add Half of this which is 1 qt. to punch bowl.
  2. Add the remaining dry packet only of Kool-Aid to bowl
  3. Add same amount 1 qt. of orange juice.
  4. Add same amount 1 qt. of pineapple juice
  5. Add same amount 1 qt. of Hawaiian Punch
  6. Add 1 cup sugar
  7. Stir together
  8. Taste and adjust however you wish.
At serving time run warm water over mold to loosen and add to punch bowl.  Add the same amount of Ginger Ale or Sprite now for a sparkling punch.

Adults and kids all will like this easy to make beverage.



  1. I also received two punch bowls sets for a wedding gift, some years ago....and haven't made punch or an ice mold in many years. I'm sure my grand-kids would love a cup of punch served from my punch bowl:) I have used my punch bowl many times to make a trifle but I always forget to make punch! Happy 2015~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

    1. Hi Lynn, I'll bet the grand-kids would love it. Mine sure did and it was fun to see them come in and wait for a cup full..I think it was fun to see them drinking out of the punch cups as much as anything. Ironic that we both received two sets isn't it? A very Happy New Year to you too Lynn...

  2. My punch bowl is packed away and never used. I should get it out next time we have guests and make some sort of punch. My neighbor makes flavored wines, unusual flavors like Kiwi Strawberry, I'm sure we could use some of those and get a really great flavor combination. Her sister in law made a frozen punch one year using cranberry flavored soda as the base, that was really tasty.

    1. Kathy I think that would be a fantastic idea...Sounds good to me!