The Downstairs Help (Me!)

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I have the urge to Spring Clean right before and definitely right after Christmas.  Do you?  The first of the year seems like a good time to carry on with the deep cleaning and organizing.  The older I get the more simple I think I need things to be.
This self-proclaimed hoarder (minus the dead cats,rats and filth) is cleaning up her act..I always see in an item another use.  I can make this or I can do this with this, or someone might need this some day. That is a habit I intend to break or at least fight the urge to keep everything.
Today at Hibiscus House, I suppose in a Downton Abbey way, I am the downstairs staff.  Cooking, ironing and cleaning.  I love that show.  Do you?   It is nice to dream of living that way....

There are times when it is great fun to clean.  Yes, I said that and can't believe it because I love to cook and create.  Cleaning is at the bottom of my list.  I hate to say it but it is true.

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It is a joy to clean, do laundry and scrub.  I also like to iron.  Yes I really do.  There is just not much of it to do anymore; but I do love to do it.  When I was younger my friends and I would be going off for the night and they would be so angry with me because I ironed my outfit for the night.  They were ready to go.  They couldn't believe that I loved to iron.

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You might as well go to credit and see how to iron a shirt correctly.

Today I am ironing the table linens that were used during the Christmas Season.  I like to use the beautiful linens. Trimmed with crochet and cut work. Oh there may have been a punch stain here or there but they washed out.
The little ones get used to eating at the dining table with china as well as the cloth napkins and all that dining entails.  It is fun for me, I really enjoy it ( maybe not so much fun for the laid back crowd).
This year we had a few gatherings one was a sit down dinner the other was a more relaxed atmosphere.  I enjoyed both.
The most important thing is being together with loved ones.  Those are the things that are not forgotten.

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Well, I guess I'd better strap on an apron and get to work.  You know we have aprons around here that's for sure.  As a matter of fact I'm going to share a lot of little aprons that were made around Christmas Time over at dolly's designs.  I think all enjoyed them too.

I leave you with the help of my dreams!


Masterpiece/PBS here

Yes, I like the show a lot!  I do think that it takes a lot of help to keep these people dressed up to four times a day but the following picture of Mary says it all!


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Anonymous said...

I do so like to clean and organize, Funny, I was reading an old document recently from the early century, women would learn how to be good 'house stewards' preparing the home, days to clean certain things, preparing the dining room, pressing the linens. What a life! They write about the hard work – wow, I wish that was all I had to worry about!


Your comment made me stop and think. It reminded me of my Great Grandmama Maggie. That was how life was. I am glad that we don't have to wash our clothes in those old wringer type washers and pump up the water...whew that was hard work. I have their irons and I do mean irons...the heavy irons that weigh so much and had to be heated. I probably wouldn't enjoy ironing nearly as much. I think my grandma Cora heated her iron on top of the wood burning stove...Yes I agree with you though if that was all we had to worry about it would be great. ....Oh for the good ole days!

Michelle said...

I have heard so much about that show but have never seen it. I need to go thru my stuff also. I have way to much stuff.


I like the show but then again my Mama Dot got me into PBS Masterpiece Theater a long time ago. It will probably take me a while to simplify because I always want to keep all even when not using..I am ready for an easier way so maybe I'll do better...Hope you have an easy time going thru your stuff too.

Sandra said...

I love a clean house, but rarely do I enjoy cleaning. Nothing is more motivating than a houseful of people during the Holidays to get it done :)

Muck Boots and Lipstick said...

I have the same problem! There will always be a good use for this if I hang on to it. I'll use it some day. I've been clearing things out too. As for Downton Abbey I discovered it too late to start watching, so I hope to buy it, and watch it that way. Everyone says it is great. I can't wait. Masterpiece Theater is wonderful!


I knew we had something in common! Love the comment!


Do you think I have a chance of parting with things that might have a use later? I'm not a things person and they don't amount to a hill of beans but trashing and wasting them that's is my problem...It seems there is always someone around that might need a pot, dish, towel or even a microwave sitting in storage...I do donate yearly to good will causes to help others so maybe this coming year I'll just donate a little more...Yes you will like the show. I love the costumes and the historically correct manner in which they are filming this. People actually lived and acted in this manner...You know me and facts and interesting people..such as yourself!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I will trade you- you iron and I will clean your bathrooms. I HATE ironing and try to never do it or at least let it pile up until I have several things at once.


Kathy if we lived closer I can tell you one thing; Yes I would trade in a minute....Wish we did that would be fun! Thanks!