Jan 22, 2015

Repurposing a Dresser for Little to No Cost

Gwen, my sister has the ability to do almost anything.  I've known her to do Taxidermy, Dog Grooming, Bake Wedding Cakes, Garden, Sculpt, Paint.  Basically anything she sets her mind too she does it. 
I really wish I had some of what she has, this ability to just go and do!  I thought I'd have a few posts to cover what she has made with a dresser that once belonged to our grandmother.
Her goal was to build something useful for little to no cost if possible.
Today I share the concept and beginning of her bedroom dresser repurpose....

The dresser of course is sentimental but is very old. The top was no longer attached and was very thin. (see in above picture).

She basically took a dresser saw what she could do with it.
She planned how she would do it, the size she would need, the placement in the home.
Then she was off to find what she had on hand to build exactly what she wanted.
I'm going to share with you her first steps in this post. 
 I won't tell you what she ended up with until later posts.

Cut braces and remove draws for doors

Added strips to fit doors

Moved dresser downstairs for more room to work in the kitchen

Getting ready to cut and build a totally different useful piece of furniture.

Check out her 1940's kitchen.  I love it!  The cabinets, counter tops, appliances, even the vintage canisters are so cool.  This home was built with the best available in the 40s.  Talk about things lasting longer that were built in the past.

I will share what she made for doors in the next post and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Until next time...Reuse, RePurpose, ReBuild!  Think outside the norm and create!

See this project from start to finish!


    1. Oh, I can't to see how it turned out... Looks very interesting...

      1. Hi Marissa!
        It has been an adventure. We'll share in the next few posts. The next post will be about the doors she made to put on this piece. As always so good to hear from you!