Jan 25, 2015

Rooster Doors For The Dresser RePurpose Project

Rooster Doors on Easel

Look at this!  Isn't Gwen talented?  I'll answer that, yes she certainly is!  This picture is of two doors that were attached to another piece of furniture.  She decided at that time she wanted to paint this scenery on them.  When closed they would look like this one Rooster.  I'll show you the cabinet she removed the doors from to make the current repurpose project....

The doors were removed from this cabinet in storage.


Gwen had to add that middle wooden piece to make these doors fit the dresser repurpose project.
This made for an additional painting to consolidate and make it work now on a new furniture piece.  Talk about talent!

Oil paints were used in this painting

Check out the middle section that she had to add in order for these to fit new project!  She did an excellent job making this seem as if it had been there all along..Good job Gwen!

One more look.  I just love it!

This is the second in a series of our project Dresser RePurpose.  The first part can be found here 
Repurposing a Dresser for Little to No Cost. 

Coming Soon A Reveal of Sorts but not the end.....


    1. She is very talented. I can do a lot of things but drawing and painting is not one of them. I envy any one that can do this.

      1. I can do very little of it. She is much better. I'll tell her you said that Michelle it will make her happy. She has so many talents and interests that like me if she settled on one there's no telling what she could do! Thank you!