Jan 29, 2015

Part Three of Dresser RePurpose

This is where Gwen added the 1 x 8's to the top and 2 x 4s for the legs.

The project is coming along pretty good.  This post is about adding and enlarging a new top and two legs.  Do you know what it is now?  read more...

The following are the steps she took to get it to this point.

  • Removed three drawers for the door area. 
  • Removed the drawer guides.
  • Added 1 x 2 to door opening.  She had to make the correct opening to add the doors.
  • Cut and added the framework for the overhang.
  • Added 1 x 2 on top of outer drawer ledges for height she wanted for shelves.
  • Shelves from an old side table fit perfect. (yet more items repurposed for this project)
  • This is when she added 1 x 8's to top 

Next the fun part!  Painting the top.

  • Sanded the top
  • Painted a light grey for the base coat
  • You will see where she played around with several different colors in the next few photos.
  • She did this by dabbing on one color at a time. Using a sponge or scrunched grocery bags she dabbed the paint onto the top with a dap, twist, and up motion.
  • She found the painting technique on You Tube   Painting kitchen counter tops to look like granite.
  •  Allowed paint to dry between each coat.
  • Painting 4 coats with lacquer.  Drying and light sanding between each coat.

Added more colors. At one point Gwen said, "I wanted to just sand and paint the top, which I may end up doing if the mood should strike."

Added even more colors

Finally the color liked for the top
Colors Used:
  • Light Grey for base coat
  • Gold Ochre
  • Raw Sienna
  • Charcoal Grey
  • White

  • Gwen painted the new legs to match the dresser.  They matched perfectly.
  • Removed and sprayed the drawer pulls a light silver enamel for metal.

Next up a reveal of sorts but still not the finished product.


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      1. Thanks! We have some more changes coming up before the finish..

    2. Replies
      1. Thanks Sandra, It took several different turns and still not finished showing...1 more long or 2 shorter posts coming up to show how it looks today. Good to hear from you.

    3. That turned out really nice. Love the colors.

      1. Hey Girl!
        Thank you but this isn't over she worked some more and then she made a huge change...still a more post to come...