Jun 4, 2015

Butterflies, Bees & Flowers!

Look at the bee

My Mama always walked her gardens daily to check the growth, see the blooms, and give everybody a tour.  It gave her such joy to show and tell us all about it.  I guess I get that honest because I love the garden walks too.  Today I'm on an early morning stroll to see what is blooming...

A soft often overlooked perennial
Mama loved these plants, so of course I planted some!

Starting to turn colors, I'll try to remember to post when the colors change.

Look at that.  I am allergic to bee, wasp etc stings but in this garden they swarn
constantly and are so happy they don't bother to sting me! One landed on my arm and just sat.
It finally dawned on me to shoo him away...but he wasn't going to sting...I don't think....

Now we have two on these Coneflowers.  

I have a several of this color Coneflower and they are really drawn to it.  
The white they like but not like this color.

Something has been eating the leaves of this one

The white Coneflowers are in the White Rose Garden with the White Butterfly Bush
It is young but hopefully will grow and do well.

A verbena perennial that comes back every year.
I have lost some of it though may have to start more of it.  
The Winter was very hard on it, the fig and Crepe Myrtle Trees around here.
We had a lot of die back.  Luckily new growth is coming from the roots so we'll start 
over again and see what happens.

I know this post has lots of same type flowers but wanted to showcase them anyway.
Coneflowers have a tendency to look artificial with their shapes and colors.
I hope you enjoyed today's stroll through the Butterfly Gardens here
at Hibiscus House. 

Are you enjoying the beauty that surrounds you?

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  1. Your coneflowers look so nice! Mine have not done anything yet and something munched the heck out of them last year. I love watching the bees and butterflies too. I am not allergic but used some flex spend funds I have put aside via payroll deduction to get an epi pen just in case. It is probably expired now so I'll have to get another if I have funds left at the DND of the year. Ft. Do you have one? By

    1. Thank you Kathy! I hope yours will bloom great this year. Mine aren't as colorful as usual though. I wonder what likes to eat them? Some of mine have been chomped. Yes check your date on the epi pen...I do not have one and hope I don't need one..Lately I've been pretty brave around them..that might be a stupid thing to be..Lol...Good to hear from you!