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Little Fruit Harvest

 "Blue Lake Bunch Grapes"
These are the best little cluster grapes.
Today I share the fruits that we wait on yearly.
I look at the bare trees, bushes and vines &
think with excitement of the fruits they will bear in season.

Green ones were falling off of the vines too.
 Well some I pulled some by mistake!

They taste really good!

 Keiffer Semi-Dwarf Pears

Well another limb bites the dust.
It is full of beautiful not quite ripe pears.
High Winds took a toll on this loaded branch
I love this variety and they love it here too!

 I took the limb in hoping to salvage the unripe pears.
I guess I should have thinned the fruit.
I would like to Espalier the fruit trees.
Espalier Step by Step Here

These bloomed in May and I never posted.
Thought these needed to be shared today.

Do you do that take tons of pictures that never make it to your website?
I hope you enjoyed this simple Monday post.


  1. Even if your fruit variety is hardy, frigid and drying winds can kill the tender buds, resulting in no fruit for the season. The same can happen when a late spring frost hits the buds.


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